Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Answers to your AISC Certification Questions [Q1] 0 Apr-20 Larry Martof; Mark Trimble; Todd Alwood NASCC
AISC Certification Forum [Q1] 0 Apr-19 Mark Trimble ; Todd Alwood ; Larry Martof NASCC
The New Certification Standard: Update for Erectors [Q8] 0 Apr-19 David Webb ; Dennis Haught NASCC
The Paint Certification Primer [Q11] 0 Apr-19 Zane Keniston NASCC
What Do AISC Certification Complaints and Appeals Policies Mean to Specifiers and Participants? [Q2] 0 Apr-19 Roger Ferch NASCC
What Does "Management Review" Really Mean? [Q6] 0 Apr-19 Anna Petroski NASCC
Certification is More than Just a Standard [Q1] 0 Apr-18 Larry Martof NASCC
The New Certification Program Requirements and Standard: What Do They Mean for You? [Q2] 0 Apr-18 Mark Trimble, PE; Mike West, PE, F.ASCE NASCC
The New Certification Requirements and Standard: Additional Update for Bridge and Hydraulic Fabricators [Q3] 0 Apr-18 Linda Hale; Zane Keniston NASCC
The New Certification Requirements and Standard: Additional Update for Building Fabricators and Component Manufacturers [Q4] 0 Apr-18 Dennis Haught; Lee Patza NASCC
AISC Certification: New Building Fabricator and Hydraulic Steel Structures Requirements [Q2] 0 Mar-17 Lisa Patel NASCC
An Erector's Point of View about Preparing for the Program Conversion and Element 13 (Chapter N) [Q6] 0 Mar-17 Vince Bosworth; Mark Hoffa NASCC
Audit Findings Aren't Just Non-Conformances [Q9] 0 Mar-17 Larry Martof NASCC
How can Certified Fabricators get Building Code Officials to Waive 3rd Party Inspections? [Q3] 0 Mar-17 Todd Alwood NASCC
How to Integrate Multiple Certifications in the Structural Steel Industry? [Q1] 0 Mar-17 Larry Martof NASCC
What Did We Do as an Erector Applicant? [Q8] 0 Mar-17 Miguel Pico; Patricia Thomashefsky NASCC
What Have We Learned from the Erector Conversion Audits? [Q5] 0 Mar-17 Dennis Haught; Steve Russell NASCC
What's New with the NISD? Individual Detailer Certification and other Programs, Webinars on Pertinent Topics, BIM Certification and More [D1] 0 Mar-17 Fred Tinker NASCC
New Certification Building Requirements [Q1] 0 Apr-16 Jacques Cattan; Lisa Patel NASCC
OSHA Crane Operator Certification Requirements [N26] 0 Apr-16 Chip Pocock NASCC
The New Erector Certification Program Requirements Are Coming: An Erector's Point of View [Q6] 0 Apr-16 Jerry Cagle; Rick Zaske; Philip Torchio NASCC
Updates to the AISC Erector Certification Program [Q5] 0 Apr-16 Lisa Patel; Larry Martof NASCC