Composite Construction

Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Design Guide 32: AISC N690 Appendix N9 -- Design of Modular Steel-Plate Composite Walls for Safety-Related Nuclear Facilities [E13a] 1.5 Mar-17 Amit Varma, PE, PhD; Saahastaranshu Bhardwaj NASCC
Practical Implementation of Composite Floor Designs 1.5 Feb-16 Will Jacobs V, PE, SE Webinar
Concrete Filled HSS [L20] 1 Apr-19 Jason McCormick, PE, PhD NASCC
SpeedCore: Rainier Square -- A Project Case Study 1 Sep-19 Brian Morgen, PhD, PE, SE, LEED AP Webinar
Resistance and Resilience of Composite Floor Systems to Fire: Experiments, Modeling, and Design [E13] 0 Apr-20 Spencer Quiel; Michael Drury NASCC
An Introduction to Numerical Modeling of Composite Plate Shear Walls / Concrete Filled (C-PSW/CF) 0 Apr-19 Soheil Shafaei, Amit H. Varma, Morgan R. Broberg and Jungil Seo; Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN SSRC
Application of Geometrically Exact Beam Finite Elements in the Advanced Analysis of Steel and Steel-Concrete Beam-Columns 0 Apr-19 Rodrigo Goncalves, Guilherme Carvalho, Jose Tomas Silveira and Manuel Sousa; Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Caparica, Portugal SSRC
Introduction to Seismic Analysis of Coupled Composite Plate Shear Walls -- Concrete-Filled (CC-PSW/CF) 0 Apr-19 Morgan R. Broberg, Soheil Shafaei, Jungil Seo, Amit H. Varma and Shubham Agrawal; Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN SSRC
Lessons from the First SpeedCore Project [H4] 0 Apr-19 Ron Klemencic, SE, PE, Hon. AIA; Amit H. Varma; Michel Bruneau, PEng, PhD, F.CAE, F.ASCE NASCC
On the Stability of Composite Plate Shear Walls under Fire Loading 0 Apr-19 Saahastaranshu R. Bhardwaj, Ataollah T. Anvari and Amit H. Varma; Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN; Shivam Sharma; Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad; India SSRC
Preliminary Results from FEMA P695 Study on Coupled Composite Plate Shear Walls--Concrete-Filled 0 Apr-19 Emre Kizilarslan and Michel Bruneau; Unversity at Buffalo; Buffalo, NY SSRC
Seismic Performance of Corrugated Double-Skin Composite Shear Walls with Different Aspect Ratios 0 Apr-19 Qiuhong Zhao and Yikang Li; Tianjin University; Tianjin, China; Ying Tian; University of Nevada; Las Vegas, NV SSRC
SpeedCore and Composite Plate Shear Walls: Current Research and Developments [H5] 0 Apr-19 Soheil Shafaei ; Morgan Broberg ; Emre Kizilarslan ; Saahas Bhardwaj NASCC
A Partial-Distributed Damage Method for Progressive Collapse of 3D Steel Composite Buildings 0 Apr-18 Fani Derveni, Panos Pantidis, Simos Gerasimidis, and Kara D. Peterman; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Amherst, MA SSRC
AISC Research: Design for Deconstruction: Sustainable Composite Floor Systems with Deconstructable Clamping Connectors [G3] 0 Apr-18 Jerry Hajjar NASCC
Determination of the Buckling Critical Load for Composite Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns from Partial Experimental Data: A Review of the Southwell Plot Technique 0 Apr-18 Tiziano Perea; Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana; Mexico; Roberto T. Leon; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA; Mark D. Denavit; University of Tennessee; Knoxville, TN; Jerome F. Hajjar; Northeastern University; Boston, MA SSRC
Innovative Composite Coupled Core Walls for High-Rise Construction [U5] 0 Apr-18 Ron Klemencic, SE, PE, Hon. AIA; Amit Varma, PhD NASCC
Open Web Steel Joist Composite Floor System [N25] 0 Apr-18 Dave Samuelson, PE; Sam Fares, SE, PE, PEng NASCC
The Impact of Gravity Connections on the Progressive Collapse Response of Steel-Framed and Concrete Composite Buildings 0 Apr-18 Panos Pantidis, Thomas Hill, and Simos Gerasimidis; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Armherst, MA SSRC
Analysis of Rectangular CFT Columns Subjected to Elevated Temperature 0 Mar-17 Zhichao Lai and Amit H. Varma, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN; Anil Agarwal, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Telangana, India SSRC
Composite Design: Past, Present, and Future [E38] 0 Mar-17 Susan Burmeister, PE NASCC
Design Applications of Sandwich Composite Shells with Enhanced Bond 0 Mar-17 Peter W. Marshall, MHP Systems Engineering, Houston, TX; Vul Thang, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA; Jinbo Chen, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX SSRC
SC Wall Compression Behavior Interaction of Design and Construction Parameters 0 Mar-17 Saahastaranshu R. Bhardwaj and Amit H. Varma, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN SSRC
Analysis and Design of Noncompact and Slender Rectangular CFT Columns Subjected to Ambient and Elevated Temperature 0 Apr-16 Zhichao Lai and Amit H. Varma, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN; Hua Yang, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China; Anil Agarwal, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Telangana, India SSRC
Composite Plate Shear Walls--Concrete Filled (C-PSW/CF) [N71B] 0 Apr-16 Michel Bruneau; Amit Varma; John Hooper NASCC
New Supplement to Nuclear Specification on Composite SC Walls in Nuclear Facilities [N52] 0 Apr-16 Amit Varma; Taha Al-Shawaf NASCC
Practical Implementation of Composite Floor Designs [N56] 0 Apr-16 Will Jacobs NASCC
Progressive Collapse Resistance of Composite Steel Frame Structures under Corner Column Removal 0 Apr-16 Safa S. Masajedian and Robert G. Driver, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada SSRC
Recent Developments in the GBT-Based Numerical Modeling of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams 0 Apr-16 Rodrigo Goncalves, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Caparica, Portugal; David Henriques and Dinar Camotim, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
Research in the Behavior Shear Connectors [B4] 0 Apr-16 Jason Provines; Gary Prinz NASCC,WSBS
Stiffness Reduction Within the Direct Analysis Method--Composite Design [N10] 0 Apr-16 Mark Denavit NASCC