Connection Design

Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Connection Design as the Fabricator's Representative 1.5 Nov-18 Chad Fox, PE, SE Webinar
New Developments in Connection Design [C4] 1.5 Apr-18 Bo Dowswell, PE, PhD NASCC
30+ Good Rules of Connection Design: Round 2 [C7] 0 Apr-19 Carol Drucker, SE, PE ; William Thornton ; Patrick Fortney, PE ; Dominick D'Antonio ; Supe Snehal NASCC
Bracing Success with Delegated Connection Design [C2] 0 Apr-19 Carol Drucker, SE, PE NASCC
Connection Design Efficiency Loss [D4] 0 Apr-19 David Wright ; David McBride ; Robert Johnson NASCC
Connection Dialogue [C9] 0 Apr-19 Charles Hongell ; Jerod Hoffman ; Tony Harasimowicz ; Stephen Blumenbaum NASCC
Kinked Connections -- What Are They and Why Should I Care? [C3] 0 Apr-19 Clifford Schwinger, PE NASCC
Partially Restrained Connections (25 years later) -- Current Views From Past Higgins Award Winners [C4] 0 Apr-19 Roberto Leon, PE, PhD, D.M.ASCE NASCC
Stability of Connections and Assemblages [S8] 0 Apr-19   NASCC
Connection Design Efficiency Loss [C7] 0 Apr-18 David McBride, PE; David Wright, PE; Robert Johnson NASCC
Delegated Connection Design -- Best Practices to Promote the Steel Industry [N13] 0 Apr-18 Matt Huber, PE NASCC
Delegation and Collaboration on Connections: Case Study [C3] 0 Apr-18 Carol Drucker, SE, PE, PEng; Randall Herbstman, SE NASCC
Diaphragm Analysis, Design and Connection Considerations in Steel Seismic Force Resisting Systems [N18] 0 Apr-18 John Kennedy, SE NASCC
Simple Connections Simplified [U7] 0 Apr-18 Jeff Martin, PE; Tim Holtermann, SE, PE NASCC
Stability of Connections and Assemblages [S10] 0 Apr-18 Astrid Winther Fischer; Hernan Castaneda; Panos Pantidis NASCC
AISC Research: The Chevron Effect: Shear and Bending Moment Demands for Beams in Concentrically Braced Frames [E28a] 0 Mar-17 William Thornton; Paul Richards NASCC
Design and Detailing Considerations for Cantilever MomentConnections through W Shaped and HSS Columns [CN2a] 0 Mar-17 Bill Merrell NASCC
Design Practicum 1: Special Moment Frame Connections [E35] 0 Mar-17 Jason Ericksen NASCC
Field Connections -- Safe and Economical Tips [CN5a] 0 Mar-17 Gary Violette NASCC
From One Generation to the Next -- Lessons Learned under Duane Miller [CA8] 0 Mar-17 Michael Florczykoski NASCC
How the 2016 Code of Standard Practice Makes Delegated Connection Design Safe and Workable for Everyone [CN6] 0 Mar-17 Larry Griffis, PE NASCC
Practical Advice for Reviewing Software Generated Connection Designs [CN4a] 0 Mar-17 Sam Rubenzer; Cathleen Jacinto NASCC
Transfer Forces--What Are They and Why Should I Care? [E29a] 0 Mar-17 Clifford Schwinger NASCC