Contract Documents / Design Documents

Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Drawing and Specification Requirements for Seismic Design 1.5 Jul-16 Larry Muir, PE, and Tom Sabol, PhD, SE Webinar
Are You Properly Specifying Materials? 1 Jan-20 Lawrence F. Kruth, PE Webinar
Buyer Beware: Choosing the Right Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel Category [N11] 1 Apr-18 Jacinda Collins, PE; David Weaver, PE NASCC
Steel Specifications Unraveled [N19] 1 Apr-18 Jon Beier, PE, LEED AP BD+C NASCC
Are You Properly Specifying Materials? 1 Jun-16 Charlie Carter, PhD, SE Webinar
Delegating Connection Design [O4] 0 Apr-20 Cliff Schwinger NASCC
Solving the Puzzle of Delegated Connection Design [O8] 0 Apr-20 Carol Drucker; Sayle Lewis; Katelyn O'Donnell; Yann Gueguen NASCC
Your Code of Standard Practice - A Fabricator's Perspective [P1] 0 Apr-20 Scott Armbrust NASCC
Your Code of Standard Practice - An Engineer's Perspective [P2] 0 Apr-20 Mike West NASCC
Your Code of Standard Practice - An Erector's Perspective [P3] 0 Apr-20 Philip Torchio NASCC
Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS): Communicating for Success [A5] 0 Apr-19 Terri Meyer Boake NASCC
Engineers: Getting the Welds You Want and Need [C1] 0 Apr-19 Robert Shaw, PE NASCC
From Engineer to Field -- Eliminating Problems [Y1] 0 Apr-19 Nyckey Heath, PE ; Carl Williams, PE NASCC
Improving The Quality of Steel Bridge Fabrication Through Communication [B1] 0 Apr-19 Brad Dillman, PE ; Chris Crosby, PE NASCC,WSBS
Properly Specifying Steel Deck [L7] 0 Apr-19   NASCC
Properly Specifying Steel Joists [L9] 0 Apr-19 Keith Juedemann, PE NASCC
Specification of Intumescent Fire Resistive Coatings [Y3] 0 Apr-19 Sean Younger NASCC
What Not To Draw [L14] 0 Apr-19 Amanda Dean, PE, Associate AIA ; Michael Mass ; Amaya Labrador, AIA, EDAC NASCC
Compare and Contrast BIM Contract Documents [T7] 0 Apr-18 Angela Richie NASCC
Delegation and Collaboration on Connections: Case Study [C3] 0 Apr-18 Carol Drucker, SE, PE, PEng; Randall Herbstman, SE NASCC
Protective Coating Specifications - Part 1 [1] 0 Apr-18 Jim Kunkle NASCC
Protective Coating Specifications - Part 2 [2] 0 Apr-18 Jim Kunkle NASCC
The Good and the Bad with Delegated Design [N35] 0 Apr-18 Kevin Chamberlain, PE NASCC
Laser Scanning and Workflow [D3] 0 Mar-17 Will Ikerd NASCC
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Drawing Notes [E2a] 0 Mar-17 Matthew Kawczenski NASCC
The Importance of Front End Alignment: What You Need to Know about Bid Documents, Construction Contracts and Contract Formation [L3] 0 Mar-17 Angela Stephens; David Ratterman NASCC
What Should Engineers Know about IBC Chapter 17? [CA7] 0 Mar-17 Mike West NASCC
Delegated Connection Design: What Are the EOR's Responsibilities? [N41A] 0 Apr-16 Pat Fortney NASCC
How to Avoid Costly Coating Failures [N19A] 0 Apr-16 Phil Jones NASCC
Site Specific Erection Plans [N30] 0 Apr-16 Josh Collins NASCC
Welcome to the SE's Construction Document World [N73A] 0 Apr-16 Carol Post; Cathleen Jacinto NASCC