Design (General)

Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Design of Curved Members with the new AISC Design Guide [N5] 1.5 Apr-18 Bo Dowswell, PE, PhD NASCC
Design of Strengthening for Existing Steel Members 1.5 Mar-18 Joseph S. Schuster, PE, SE Webinar
Steel Framed Stairway Design, Part 1 1.5 May-18 Adam D. Friedman, PE, SE Webinar
Steel Framed Stairway Design, Part 2 1.5 Jun-18 Adam D. Friedman, PE, SE Webinar
Stiffeners, Doublers, and Web Plates -- Oh my! 1.5 Jul-18 Carol Drucker, SE, PE, PEng Webinar
Design Guide 32: AISC N690 Appendix N9 -- Design of Modular Steel-Plate Composite Walls for Safety-Related Nuclear Facilities [E13a] 1.5 Mar-17 Amit Varma, PE, PhD; Saahastaranshu Bhardwaj NASCC
Design of Underhung Hoist and Crane Girders 1.5 May-17 Luchas Pachal Webinar
Secrets of the Manual 1.5 Apr-17 Carol Drucker; SE; PE; PEng Webinar
Steel Castings in Architecture -- Do You Know How to Design Them? [E14a] 1.5 Mar-17 Raymond Monroe; Carlos de Oliveira, M.A.Sc., P.Eng; Tom Meyer, PE, SE NASCC
Design of Column Reinforcement [L2] 1 Apr-19 Bo Dowswell, PE, PhD NASCC
Birth of the Steel Skyscraper 1 Sep-18 Benjamin W. Schafer Webinar
Is it Likely My Design Will Fail? Current Views from Past Higgins Award Winners [N33] 1 Apr-18 Ronald Hamburger, SE NASCC
Designing Castellated and Cellular Beams Using AISC Design Guide 31 [E6a] 1 Mar-17 David Dinehart, PhD; Sameer S. Fares, PE, SE, P.Eng; Jo4hn Coulson, PE NASCC
Efficient Lateral Load Resisting Systems for Low Rise Buildings [E20a] 1 Mar-17 Jason Perry, PE, SE; Patrick McManus, PhD, PE, SE NASCC
Entertaining with Steel, from Theatrical Rigging to Concert Touring Structures [E12a] 1 Mar-17 William Gorlin, PE, SE NASCC
SteelDay 2017: Designing in Structural Steel 1 Sep-17 Larry Kruth, PE Webinar
Advances in the Design Code & AASHTO Design Code Compared to International Codes [B26] 0 Apr-19 Michel Bruneau, PEng, PhD, F.CAE, F.ASCE ; Hadi Kenarangi, PhD ; Terry Cakebread NASCC,WSBS
Design Guide 7: Industrial Buildings -- Roofs to Anchor Rods [L11] 0 Apr-19 James M. Fisher, PE, PhD NASCC
Designing with Complex Geometries [H2] 0 Apr-19 Robert Baxter NASCC
From Engineer to Field -- Eliminating Problems [Y1] 0 Apr-19 Nyckey Heath, PE ; Carl Williams, PE NASCC
Insidious Thermal Forces in Steel Structures: What You Need to Know [L4] 0 Apr-19 Barry Arnold NASCC
Introduction to AISC Design Guide 34: Steel Framed Stairway Design [D2] 0 Apr-19 Adam Friedman, SE, PE NASCC
Kinked Connections -- What Are They and Why Should I Care? [C3] 0 Apr-19 Clifford Schwinger, PE NASCC
Lateral Load Transfer -- From Diaphragm to Resisting Elements [L12] 0 Apr-19 Walter Worthley, PE NASCC
New Design Guide 35 -- Storm Shelter and Safe-Room Design [L10] 0 Apr-19 Marc S. Barter, SE, PE, SECB NASCC
Promoting Health and Wellness Through Design [A3] 0 Apr-19 Amaya Labrador, AIA, EDAC NASCC
Retractable Stadium Roofs -- Challenges in Design and Construction of Large Mechanized Structures [H1] 0 Apr-19 Andrew Agosto, SE, PE NASCC
Seismic Behavior and Design of Steel Diaphragms [M12] 0 Apr-19 Jerome Hajjar, PE, PhD ; W. Samuel Easterling ; Matthew R. Eatherton ; Benjamin W. Schafer NASCC
Technologies to Assist with Bridge Design, Fabrication, and Construction [B22] 0 Apr-19 Grant Schmitz, PE ; Hoda Azari, PhD NASCC,WSBS
The Cumberland Flyover Bridge - A Shallow Curved Steel Girder Design Example 0 Apr-19 Johann Aakre, PE, SE; Irsilia Colletti, PE WSBS
The Joy of Steel...So Many Possibilities [K2] 0 Apr-19 Jon D. Magnusson, SE, PE, NAE NASCC
The Learning Never Stops: Going Beyond a College Education [L5] 0 Apr-19 Michael Chisholm ; Adam Friedman, SE, PE NASCC
Advancements in the Design of Steel Shipping Containers in Retail and Multi-Story Residential and Commercial Structures [N16] 0 Apr-18 Socrates Ioannides, SE, PhD NASCC
Advances in the Direct Strength Method [S9] 0 Apr-18 Alexandre Landesmann, DSc; Michael Seek, PhD, PE NASCC
AISC 360-16 Chapter K Design Examples [C6] 0 Apr-18 Kim Olson, PE NASCC
Amazon Biospheres: Understanding the complex geometry, analysis, fabrication, and erection [Y1] 0 Apr-18 Jon Magnusson, PE, SE, Hon.AIA, NAE; Mike Eckstein NASCC
Barging In - Modular Construction on New York's East River [Y3] 0 Apr-18 Darren Hartman, PE; Jason Taylor; Gregory Vidgop NASCC
Case Study of Daily's Place at EverBank Field [Y5] 0 Apr-18 Randall Braun, PE; Stephen Blumenbaum, PE; Kevin Rogers; John Callahan NASCC
Column Design: Past, Present, Future 0 Apr-18 Joseph A. Yura; University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX SSRC
Column Design: Past, Present, Future [N34] 0 Apr-18 Joseph Yura, PE, PhD NASCC
Cool Steel: A Close-up Look at This Year's IDEAS2 Winners Part 1 [Y7] 0 Apr-18 Joachim Schuessler; Charles Besjak, SE, PE, FAIA NASCC
Cool Steel: A Close-up Look at This Year's IDEAS2 Winners Part 2 [Y8] 0 Apr-18 David Ruby, PE, SE, SECB, FASCE; Bruce Burt, PE, SECB; John Aniol, SE, PE NASCC
Cool Steel: A Close-up Look at This Year's IDEAS2 Winners Part 3 [Y9] 0 Apr-18 Clint Nash, SE, PE, LEED AP; Ignasius Seilie, SE, PE NASCC
Creative Use of Structural Steel in Tall Buildings of the Future [N12] 0 Apr-18 Eric Long, SE, PE, LEED AP NASCC
Design Guide 30: Sound Isolation and Noise Control in Steel Buildings [N8] 0 Apr-18 Benjamin Marham NASCC
Design of Steel Deck For Concentrated and Non-Uniform Loading [U1] 0 Apr-18 Michael Martignetti, PE; Mike Antici, PE NASCC
Diagrid and Mega-Braced Structures -- Stability and Design Approaches [N7] 0 Apr-18 Ahmad Rahimian, PhD; Yoram Eilon NASCC
Frequently Misunderstood Wind and Seismic Provisions [N32] 0 Apr-18 Emily Guglielmo, SE, PE, CE NASCC
Insidious Thermal Forces in Steel Structures: What You Need to Know [N30] 0 Apr-18 Barry Arnold, SE, PE NASCC
Introducing Design Guide 21 Welded Connections, Second Edition [C1] 0 Apr-18 Duane Miller, PE, ScD NASCC
Nothing Flat About Steel Joists and Steel Deck On a Pitched Roof [N26] 0 Apr-18 Tom Sputo, SE, PE, PhD; Ben Pitchford, PE NASCC
Roof Design Using Iterative Analysis For Ponding Loads [N24] 0 Apr-18 James Fisher, PE, PhD; Mark Denavit, PE, PhD NASCC
Simple Connections Simplified [U7] 0 Apr-18 Jeff Martin, PE; Tim Holtermann, SE, PE NASCC
Steel Framed Stairway Design [N3] 0 Apr-18 Adam Friedman, SE, PE NASCC
Stiffeners, Doublers, Web plates -- Oh My! [C2] 0 Apr-18 Carol Drucker, SE, PE, PEng; Michael Herriges NASCC
Structural Steel Cubed - The New United States Courthouse [Y4] 0 Apr-18 Eric Long, SE, PE, LEED AP; Tom Kuznik; Brad McDermott; Andrew Krebs; Jose Palacios NASCC
The Good and the Bad with Delegated Design [N35] 0 Apr-18 Kevin Chamberlain, PE NASCC
Tips for Validating the Results of Structural Engineering Software [N29] 0 Apr-18 Clifford Schwinger, PE NASCC
Truss Design and Construction: Did I Consider Everything? [N9] 0 Apr-18 Thomas Meyer, SE, PE NASCC
What an Engineer Needs to Know about Steel Erection [E3] 0 Apr-18 Curtis Mayes, PE NASCC
181 Fremont Street A State-of-the-Art Collaboration of Structural Design, Fabrication and Erection Methodology [CS6] 0 Mar-17 Adrian Crowther; Tim Nelson; Bob Hazleton NASCC
50 Tips for Designing Constructable Steel Buildings [CA2a] 0 Mar-17 Jason Perry; Justin Mitchell NASCC
A New Design Method for Longitudinally Stiffened Plates 0 Mar-17 Charles M. King, COWI North America, North Vancouver, BC, Canada SSRC
Building Design--The Intelligent Approach [E11a] 0 Mar-17 James Fisher NASCC
Circuit of the Americas Observation Tower and Amphitheater [CS3] 0 Mar-17 Dirk Kestner; Ken Jones; Parley Dixon; Miguel RiveraJuan MiroMark Waggoner NASCC
Composite Design: Past, Present, and Future [E38] 0 Mar-17 Susan Burmeister, PE NASCC
Design and Detailing Considerations for Cantilever MomentConnections through W Shaped and HSS Columns [CN2a] 0 Mar-17 Bill Merrell NASCC
Design Assist Case Studies of Successful Design Assist Projects [CS5] 0 Mar-17 Peter Cheever; Cameron Baker NASCC
Design of Steel Framed Parking Garages [E19a] 0 Mar-17 Alan Simon; Jerry Marcus NASCC
Design of Underhung Hoist and Crane Girders [E18a] 0 Mar-17 Luke Pachal, SE, PE NASCC
Field Connections -- Safe and Economical Tips [CN5a] 0 Mar-17 Gary Violette NASCC
Hat Truss Trick -- Overcoming Design and Erection Challenges of a 24-Story Vertically-Hung Gravity Load System [CS4] 0 Mar-17 Peter Lee; Patrick Hassett; Mark Mundy NASCC
How the 360-16 Chapter K Changes Affect HSS Design [E33a] 0 Mar-17 Kim Olson; Brad Fletcher NASCC
Laser Scanning and Workflow [D3] 0 Mar-17 Will Ikerd NASCC
Lateral Drift and Facade Attachment [E26a] 0 Mar-17 James Parker NASCC
Modular Construction Best Practices -- When, Where and Why or Why Not [CA9] 0 Mar-17 Jacinda Collins NASCC
Rise UpAtlanta Falcons Stadium Roof [T1b] 0 Mar-17 Erleen Hatfield NASCC
Secrets of the Manual to Get it Done [CN1a] 0 Mar-17 Carol Drucker NASCC
Signature Footbridges: Technical and Aesthetic Design Considerations [CS7a] 0 Mar-17 Sylvain Montminy; Terri Meyer Boake NASCC
Steel Cable Assembly Systems: What the Fabricator, Erector and EOR Need to Know [E24a] 0 Mar-17 Igor Siotor NASCC
Structural Design of Staircases -- Don't Get Tripped Up [E27a] 0 Mar-17 Matthew Kawczenski ; Brad Davis; Kelly Salyards NASCC
Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing [B6] 0 Mar-17 Ken Wright; Tom Zieman; Preston Vineyard NASCC
The AISC 15th Edition Steel Construction Manual [E1a] 0 Mar-17 Cynthia Duncan; Louis F. Geschwindner NASCC
The History of the Development of the Single Angle Design Provisions in the AISC Specification 0 Mar-17 LeRoy Lutz, Computerized Structural Design, Milwaukee, WI SSRC
The Little Site That Could: 150 N Riverside [CS2] 0 Mar-17 Rob Chmielowski; Chris Simonson; Joe Jurasits NASCC
The New and Improved Design Guide 11, 2nd ed. -- Vibrations of Steel-Framed Systems Due to Human Activity [E5a] 0 Mar-17 Thomas M. Murray; Brad Davis NASCC
The New HSS Design Manuals: Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 [E4a] 0 Mar-17 Kim Olson NASCC
The Splice is Right [CA3] 0 Mar-17 Carol Drucker; Sylvie Boulanger; Larry Kruth; Duane Miller; Terri Meyer Boake NASCC
What Engineers Needs to Know about What Fabricators Can Do (Bending and Rolling) [CA6] 0 Mar-17 Mark Trimble; Charles Wood; Steve Bensen NASCC
Wind Design Considerations for Joist and Joist Girders [E30a] 0 Mar-17 Tim Holtermann; Keith Jeudemann NASCC
Winning IDEAS in steel-framed building design: Part 1 [CS8] 0 Mar-17 Robert Pallmann; Erich Oswald; David Smith NASCC
Winning IDEAS in steel-framed building design: Part 2 [CS9] 0 Mar-17 Daniel Wang, SE; Bryan Seamer; S.G. Richard Liu, PE; Paul Bielamowicz, AIA NASCC
Winning IDEAS in steel-framed building design: Part 3 [CS10] 0 Mar-17 Hooman Nastarin, PE; Richard B. Garlock, PE NASCC