Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Erection Engineering: Stability During Construction 1.5 Nov-18 Benjamin A. Miller, PE, SE Webinar
It Doesn't Get Built Without the Erector 1.5 Nov-18 Philip Torchio Webinar
Case Studies in Construction Engineering of New and Existing Complex Steel Bridges [B6] 1.5 Apr-16 James Gregg, PE, Bob Cisneros, PE & Andrew Keaschall, PE, SE NASCC,WSBS
ASCE 37: Design Loads on Structures During Construction [E17a] 1 Mar-17 David I. Ruby, PE, SE; Jeffrey Gasparott, PE NASCC
What an Engineer Needs to Know about Steel Erection 1 Jan-17 Curtis Mayes, PE Webinar
Advances in Erection Engineering for High-Rise Steel Structures [R4] 0 Apr-20 Tim Nelson NASCC
Design Guide 10: Erection Bracing of Low-Rise Structural Steel Buildings [R5] 0 Apr-20 Michael West NASCC
WPSs and WPS Qualification: Guidance for Engineers, Fabricators, and Erectors [O3] 0 Apr-20 Robert Shaw, Jr. NASCC
Your Code of Standard Practice - An Erector's Perspective [P3] 0 Apr-20 Philip Torchio NASCC
Challenges Encountered During Construction and Demolition [B20] 0 Apr-19 Fady Kari, PE ; Lucas Morgan, PE ; Paul Biju-Duval, PhD ; Telmo Andr‚s S nchez, PhD NASCC,WSBS
Code of Standard Practice: Section 7 - An Erector's Perspective [R2] 0 Apr-19 Philip Torchio NASCC
Don't be "Rig Poor"! - Understanding the Process of Sizing the Right Crane for Your Steel Erection Project [R6] 0 Apr-19 Keith Rind NASCC
Establishing an Effective Field Leadership Mentoring Program for Erectors [R3] 0 Apr-19 Nyckey Heath, PE, MCE ; Harvey C. Swift, STSC NASCC
From Engineer to Field -- Eliminating Problems [Y1] 0 Apr-19 Nyckey Heath, PE ; Carl Williams, PE NASCC
Get what you want from the EOR and GC [P7] 0 Apr-19 Nyckey Heath, PE ; Carl Williams, PE NASCC
Heavy and Complicated Lifts -- Risks, Uncertainties and What to look out for [R1] 0 Apr-19 Luiz Macedo ; Rafael Macedo NASCC
Lessons Learned in the Launching of Steel Girder Bridges 0 Apr-19 T. Andres Sanchez, PhD; Michael LaViolette, PE WSBS
Steel Erectors Panel Discussion on Quality Control [Q9] 0 Apr-19 Sam Tipton ; Philip Torchio ; Andrew Lye NASCC
The New Certification Standard: Update for Erectors [Q8] 0 Apr-19 David Webb ; Dennis Haught NASCC
The Wilshire Grand Center [CS3] 0 Apr-19 Jake Doherty ; Steve Carroll ; Patrick Hassett NASCC
What Erectors Love to Hate about Steel Detailers [D5] 0 Apr-19 David Deem ; Colby Tribble NASCC
Why do I need my Temporary Bracing Plan Stamped? [R7] 0 Apr-19 Mark Yerke NASCC
Amazon Biospheres: Understanding the complex geometry, analysis, fabrication, and erection [Y1] 0 Apr-18 Jon Magnusson, PE, SE, Hon.AIA, NAE; Mike Eckstein NASCC
Barging In - Modular Construction on New York's East River [Y3] 0 Apr-18 Darren Hartman, PE; Jason Taylor; Gregory Vidgop NASCC
Bolting for the Masses [E2] 0 Apr-18 Dave Webb NASCC
Building the Smithsonian: The National Museum of African American History and Culture [U3] 0 Apr-18 David Smith, Project Manager; Vince Bosworth NASCC
Case Study of Daily's Place at EverBank Field [Y5] 0 Apr-18 Randall Braun, PE; Stephen Blumenbaum, PE; Kevin Rogers; John Callahan NASCC
Crane and Lift Planning [E1] 0 Apr-18 Jim Jatho NASCC
Don't Leave them Hanging! (a Review of ANSI Z359.2 and Rescue) [E5] 0 Apr-18 Troy Clark NASCC
Erection Engineering Basics 101 [E6] 0 Apr-18 Will Jacobs IV NASCC
Load Tests of Common Shoring Towers: Typical Detailing and Resulting Capacity Reduction 0 Apr-18 Aaron K. Larosche, Keaton E. Munsterman, and Randall W. Poston; Pivot Engineers; Austin, TX; Stalin Armijos M., Todd A. Helwig, and Michael D. Engelhardt; The University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX SSRC
Stability During Construction [S6] 0 Apr-18 Cliff Bishop, PhD, SE, PE; Telmo Andres Sanchez, PhD; Aaron Larosche, PhD, PE; Soheil Shafaei NASCC
Structural Steel Cubed - The New United States Courthouse [Y4] 0 Apr-18 Eric Long, SE, PE, LEED AP; Tom Kuznik; Brad McDermott; Andrew Krebs; Jose Palacios NASCC
Typical Corrective Action Requests for Erectors [Q9] 0 Apr-18 Dennis Haught; Art Bustos NASCC
Understanding Erector Non-Conformances [Q8] 0 Apr-18 David Webb; Vince Bosworth NASCC
What an Engineer Needs to Know about Steel Erection [E3] 0 Apr-18 Curtis Mayes, PE NASCC
181 Fremont Street A State-of-the-Art Collaboration of Structural Design, Fabrication and Erection Methodology [CS6] 0 Mar-17 Adrian Crowther; Tim Nelson; Bob Hazleton NASCC
An Erector's Point of View about Preparing for the Program Conversion and Element 13 (Chapter N) [Q6] 0 Mar-17 Vince Bosworth; Mark Hoffa NASCC
Complex Erection Bracing [R7] 0 Mar-17 Tom Getschman, P.E. NASCC
Developing Erection Schedules for Projects [R6] 0 Mar-17 Marc Cox NASCC
Erectorsand Anchor Rods [R5] 0 Mar-17 Mark Yerke NASCC
Field Connections -- Safe and Economical Tips [CN5a] 0 Mar-17 Gary Violette NASCC
Hat Truss Trick -- Overcoming Design and Erection Challenges of a 24-Story Vertically-Hung Gravity Load System [CS4] 0 Mar-17 Peter Lee; Patrick Hassett; Mark Mundy NASCC
Introducing the Ironworker Contractor University [R1] 0 Mar-17 Cindy Menches; Harvey Swift NASCC
Quality and Safety Management: A Practical Approach for Erectors [Q7] 0 Mar-17 Harvey Swift; Timothy Duke NASCC
Rise UpAtlanta Falcons Stadium Roof [T1b] 0 Mar-17 Erleen Hatfield NASCC
Safe and Efficient Installation of Steel Joists and Metal Deck [CA10] 0 Mar-17 Michael Martignetti; David Deem; Charles Wall, PE; Rick Jensen NASCC
San Antonio Medical Center [CS1] 0 Mar-17 Wendall Hirschfeld; Vicki Ford, SE, PE; Vincent Bosworth NASCC
Steel Bridge Erection Made Simple [B11] 0 Mar-17 Ashley Thrall; Lisa Briggs; Ted Zoli NASCC
Steel Cable Assembly Systems: What the Fabricator, Erector and EOR Need to Know [E24a] 0 Mar-17 Igor Siotor NASCC
The "Art" of Sequencing Steel [R2] 0 Mar-17 Craig Peterson NASCC
The Little Site That Could: 150 N Riverside [CS2] 0 Mar-17 Rob Chmielowski; Chris Simonson; Joe Jurasits NASCC
What Did We Do as an Erector Applicant? [Q8] 0 Mar-17 Miguel Pico; Patricia Thomashefsky NASCC
Advanced Analysis Techniques for Design and Erection [B3] 0 Apr-16 Paul Biju-Duval; Duncan Paterson; Anna Rakoczy NASCC,WSBS
Bidding Today's Steel Erection Projects: How to Best Prepare a Complete and Responsive Bid [N46] 0 Apr-16 Mark Yerke NASCC
Chapter N and the Erector: What Does it Mean for Quality? [Q9] 0 Apr-16 Mike Gase NASCC
Erecting a 300-ft Span Roof Truss Without Shoring [N77] 0 Apr-16 William Merrell; Jeff Minter NASCC
Forging Success Through Distance Learning [N6] 0 Apr-16 Bryan McClure NASCC
How to Write an Erector Quality Manual [Q7] 0 Apr-16 Alan T. Sheppard NASCC
Instability of Solar Power Tower Structures during Construction 0 Apr-16 Cliff D. Bishop, Morgan Griffith and Brian M. McDonald, Exponent Inc., Menlo Park, CA SSRC
Quality and Safety Management: A Practical Approach for Erectors [N90] 0 Apr-16 Harvey Swift; Timothy Duke NASCC
Safety Management Systems and the Erector [Q8] 0 Apr-16 Larry Kruth NASCC
Site Specific Erection Plans [N30] 0 Apr-16 Josh Collins NASCC
Steel Erectors Association of America Iron Worker Craft Training [N27] 0 Apr-16 Tim Eldridge NASCC
The New Erector Certification Program Requirements Are Coming: An Erector's Point of View [Q6] 0 Apr-16 Jerry Cagle; Rick Zaske; Philip Torchio NASCC
Training the Trades Using a Distance Learning Model [N6] 0 Apr-16 Bryan McClure NASCC
Updates to the AISC Erector Certification Program [Q5] 0 Apr-16 Lisa Patel; Larry Martof NASCC