Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Steel Fabrication: A Virtual, Detailed Tour of the Steel Fabrication Process 1.5 Oct-18 Chris Crosby, PE CWI Webinar
Fundamentals of Project Scheduling for Steel Fabrication [P10] 0 Apr-19 Mark Holland, PE NASCC
Get Control of Shop Information [T1] 0 Apr-19 Rich Steffens NASCC
Get what you want from the EOR and GC [P7] 0 Apr-19 Nyckey Heath, PE ; Carl Williams, PE NASCC
Improving The Quality of Steel Bridge Fabrication Through Communication [B1] 0 Apr-19 Brad Dillman, PE ; Chris Crosby, PE NASCC,WSBS
Technologies to Assist with Bridge Design, Fabrication, and Construction [B22] 0 Apr-19 Grant Schmitz, PE ; Hoda Azari, PhD NASCC,WSBS
Amazon Biospheres: Understanding the complex geometry, analysis, fabrication, and erection [Y1] 0 Apr-18 Jon Magnusson, PE, SE, Hon.AIA, NAE; Mike Eckstein NASCC
Barging In - Modular Construction on New York's East River [Y3] 0 Apr-18 Darren Hartman, PE; Jason Taylor; Gregory Vidgop NASCC
Building the Smithsonian: The National Museum of African American History and Culture [U3] 0 Apr-18 David Smith, Project Manager; Vince Bosworth NASCC
Case Study of Daily's Place at EverBank Field [Y5] 0 Apr-18 Randall Braun, PE; Stephen Blumenbaum, PE; Kevin Rogers; John Callahan NASCC
Eliminating Costly Fit-Up Issues [U2] 0 Apr-18 Ken Pecho NASCC
Fundamentals of Project Scheduling for Steel Fabrication [P2] 0 Apr-18 Mark Holland NASCC
How Does a Fabricator Perform Their Own Documentation Audit? [Q11] 0 Apr-18 Ted Sheppard, PE; Steven Russell, PE NASCC
Structural Steel Cubed - The New United States Courthouse [Y4] 0 Apr-18 Eric Long, SE, PE, LEED AP; Tom Kuznik; Brad McDermott; Andrew Krebs; Jose Palacios NASCC
Typical Corrective Action Requests for Fabricators [Q13] 0 Apr-18 Linda Hale; Art Bustos NASCC
181 Fremont Street A State-of-the-Art Collaboration of Structural Design, Fabrication and Erection Methodology [CS6] 0 Mar-17 Adrian Crowther; Tim Nelson; Bob Hazleton NASCC
AISC Certification: New Building Fabricator and Hydraulic Steel Structures Requirements [Q2] 0 Mar-17 Lisa Patel NASCC
Design Assist Case Studies of Successful Design Assist Projects [CS5] 0 Mar-17 Peter Cheever; Cameron Baker NASCC
How Technology Affects the Steel Fabricator's Business Practice [SO3] 0 Mar-17 Jeff Dave NASCC
Introducing the Ironworker Contractor University [R1] 0 Mar-17 Cindy Menches; Harvey Swift NASCC
Steel Cable Assembly Systems: What the Fabricator, Erector and EOR Need to Know [E24a] 0 Mar-17 Igor Siotor NASCC
The Little Site That Could: 150 N Riverside [CS2] 0 Mar-17 Rob Chmielowski; Chris Simonson; Joe Jurasits NASCC
What Engineers Needs to Know about What Fabricators Can Do (Bending and Rolling) [CA6] 0 Mar-17 Mark Trimble; Charles Wood; Steve Bensen NASCC