Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Lean-on Bracing for Steel I-Shaped Girders 1.5 Apr-18 Jamie Farris, PE Webinar
Experimental and Numerical Studies on the M-V-N Interaction of Longitudinally Stiffened I-girders 0 Apr-19 Andre Biscaya and Jose O. Pedro; Instituto Superior Tecnico; Lisbon, Portugal; Ulrike Kuhlmann; Stuttgart University; Stuttgart, Germany SSRC
Experimental Study on the Lateral-Torsional Buckling Strength of Trapezoidally Corrugated Web Girders 0 Apr-19 Bence Jager, Balazs Kövesdi and Laszlo Dunai; Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Budapest, Hungary SSRC
Influence of the Length of Patch Load on the Ultimate Load of Longitudinally Stiffened Plate Girders 0 Apr-19 Sasa Kovacevic; Washington State University; Pullman, WA; Nenad Markovic; University of Belgrade; Belgrade, Serbia SSRC
Lessons Learned in the Launching of Steel Girder Bridges 0 Apr-19 T. Andres Sanchez, PhD; Michael LaViolette, PE WSBS
Repair, Strengthening, and Re-use of Steel Girder Bridges: Two Case Studies 0 Apr-19 Brandon Chavel, PE, PhD; Jacob Wroten, PE WSBS
The Cumberland Flyover Bridge - A Shallow Curved Steel Girder Design Example 0 Apr-19 Johann Aakre, PE, SE; Irsilia Colletti, PE WSBS
Torsional Brace Strength Requirements for Steel I-Girders 0 Apr-19 Yangqing Liu; Tongji University; Shanghai, China; Matthew C. Reichenbach and Todd A. Helwig; The University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX SSRC
U.S. Trunk Highway 53 Girder Design 0 Apr-19 Robert A. Magliola, SE, PE WSBS
Flange Buckling Behavior of Trapezoidally Corrugated Web Girders Subjected to Bending and Shear Interaction 0 Apr-18 Bence Jáger and László Dunai; Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Hungary SSRC
Flexural Resistance of Longitudinally Stiffened Curved I-Girders 0 Apr-18 Lakshmi P. Subramanian; Indian Institute of Technology Madras; India; Donald W. White; Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA SSRC
Lateral-Torsional Buckling Response of Welded Wide-Flange Girders 0 Apr-18 Xiao Lin Ji, Robert G. Driver, and Ali Imanpour; University of Alberta; Edmonton, Canada SSRC
Modeling Out-of-Flatness and Residual Stresses in Steel Plate Girders 0 Apr-18 Mahdi Asadnia and W. M. Kim Roddis; The George Washington University; Washington, DC SSRC
Stability of Built-Up Girders [S1] 0 Apr-18 Bence Jager; Ajinkya Lokhande; Xiao Lin Ji NASCC
Web Crippling Strength of Longitudinally Stiffened Steel Plate Girder Webs Subjected to Concentrated Loading 0 Mar-17 Nelson Loaiza and Carlos Graciano, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín, Colombia; Rolando Chacón, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain SSRC