Industrial Buildings

Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Design of Underhung Hoist and Crane Girders 1.5 May-17 Luchas Pachal Webinar
Design Guide 7: Industrial Buildings -- Roofs to Anchor Rods [L11] 0 Apr-19 James M. Fisher, PE, PhD NASCC
Strengthening Beam Sections of Industrial Buildings Against Lateral Torsional Buckling 0 Apr-19 Sepehr Movaghati; Poe Engineering, Inc.; Memphis, TN SSRC
Structural Stability Condition Assessment of Corroded Steel Trusses in Operating Industrial Facilities 0 Apr-19 Hunter J. Brown; Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers; Lakewood, CO; Damon G. Reigles; engNoveX, Inc.; Wilmington, DE; Perry S. Green; Bechtel Nuclear Security & Environmental; Myrtle Beach, SC SSRC
Whats New in the 2017 AIST Tech Report #13 [N23] 0 Apr-18 Tim Bickel, PE; John Rolfes, SE, PE NASCC
Design of Underhung Hoist and Crane Girders [E18a] 0 Mar-17 Luke Pachal, SE, PE NASCC
Crane Runway and Mill Buildings Design and Construction Issues [N7A] 0 Apr-16 Tim Bickel NASCC
Industrial Buildings and Nonbuilding Structures: Design Challenges [N58A] 0 Apr-16 Bill Scott; James Ryan; Krunal Patel; John Rolfes NASCC