Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
AISC Research: Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Concentrically Braced Frames [H3] 1.5 Apr-19 Charles Roeder, PhD ; Dawn Lehman, PhD NASCC
AISC Research: Understanding and Improving the Seismic Performance of Chevron Configured Special Concentrically Braced Frames [U5] 0 Apr-20 Charles Roeder; Dawn Lehman NASCC
The Latest Research on Shear Connector Placement in Bridge Design [B22] 0 Apr-20 Gary Prinz; Jason Provines NASCC,WSBS
Preliminary Results from FEMA P695 Study on Coupled Composite Plate Shear Walls--Concrete-Filled 0 Apr-19 Emre Kizilarslan and Michel Bruneau; Unversity at Buffalo; Buffalo, NY SSRC
Research and Construction of Press-brake-formed Steel Tub Girder Bridges [B3] 0 Apr-19 Karl Barth, PhD ; Guy Nelson, SE, PE NASCC,WSBS
SpeedCore and Composite Plate Shear Walls: Current Research and Developments [H5] 0 Apr-19 Soheil Shafaei ; Morgan Broberg ; Emre Kizilarslan ; Saahas Bhardwaj NASCC
AISC Research: Design for Deconstruction: Sustainable Composite Floor Systems with Deconstructable Clamping Connectors [G3] 0 Apr-18 Jerry Hajjar NASCC
AISC Research: Development of a Design Methodology for Steel Strongback Braced Frames [N2] 0 Apr-18 Barbara G. Simpson NASCC
Looking Back at a Career Shaped by SSRC: Stimulating Stability Research Challenges 0 Apr-18 Dinar Camotim; Universidade de Lisboa; Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
Research on Low Ductility Concentrically Braced Frames [N22] 0 Apr-18 Larry Fahnestock, PE, PhD; Eric Hines, PE, PhD NASCC
Ten Years of Research on Stability of Thin-Walled Members Revisited 0 Apr-18 Rodrigo M. Gonçalves; Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
The National Fire Research Lab: Advances in Structural Fire Engineering [N4-1] 0 Apr-18 Matthew Hoehler, PE, PhD; Mina Seif, PE, PhD; Lisa Choe, PE, PhD; Fahim Sadek, PhD NASCC
AISC Research: Sloped Connections and Connections with Fillet Welded Continuity Plates for Seismic Applications [E31a] 0 Mar-17 Chia-Ming Uang, Ph.D. NASCC
AISC Research: The Chevron Effect: Shear and Bending Moment Demands for Beams in Concentrically Braced Frames [E28a] 0 Mar-17 William Thornton; Paul Richards NASCC
Understanding and Reevaluating Fracture Critical: Research and Strategies - Part 2 [B3] 0 Mar-17 Ryan Sherman; Matthew Hebdon NASCC
Beedle Presentation: Cold-Formed Steel - Research to Practice 0 Apr-16 Roger A. LaBoube, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla, MO SSRC
Cold-Formed Steel – Research to Practice 0 Apr-16 Roger A. LaBoube; Missouri University of Science and Technology; Rolla, MO SSRC
Composite Plate Shear Walls--Concrete Filled (C-PSW/CF) [N71B] 0 Apr-16 Michel Bruneau; Amit Varma; John Hooper NASCC
Fracture Critical Determination: Research and Strategies - Part 2 [B16] 0 Apr-16 Rob Connor; Matt Hebdon; Ryan Sherman NASCC,WSBS
Recent Research on Embedded Column Base Connections [N25A] 0 Apr-16 Paul Richards; Amit Kanvinde NASCC
Research in the Behavior Shear Connectors [B4] 0 Apr-16 Jason Provines; Gary Prinz NASCC,WSBS