Residual Stresses

Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Distortional buckling behavior and design consideration of castellated beams considering residual stresses 0 Apr-19 Xuhong Zhou, Ziqi He and Peng Chen; Chongqing University; Chongqing, China; Jingchao Li; Hunan University; Changsha, China; Zhanjie Li; SUNY Polytechnic Institute; Utica, NY SSRC
Column Design: Past, Present, Future 0 Apr-18 Joseph A. Yura; University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX SSRC
Column Design: Past, Present, Future [N34] 0 Apr-18 Joseph Yura, PE, PhD NASCC
Modeling Out-of-Flatness and Residual Stresses in Steel Plate Girders 0 Apr-18 Mahdi Asadnia and W. M. Kim Roddis; The George Washington University; Washington, DC SSRC
Modeling the Influence of Residual Stress on the Ultimate Load Conditions of Steel Frames 0 Apr-18 Barry T. Rosson; Florida Atlantic University; Boca Raton, FL SSRC
Residual Stress and Imperfection Effects on Stability [S13] 0 Apr-18 Abbas Joorabchian; Shafee Farzanian, PhD; Lucile Gerard; Mahdi Asadnia NASCC
Computational Assessment of the Residual Stresses of a Wind Turbine Tower Steel Shell and their Effect on its Buckling Capacity 0 Mar-17 Simos Gerasimidis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA SSRC