Shear Walls

Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
SpeedCore: Rainier Square -- A Project Case Study 1 Sep-19 Brian Morgen, PhD, PE, SE, LEED AP Webinar
An Introduction to Numerical Modeling of Composite Plate Shear Walls / Concrete Filled (C-PSW/CF) 0 Apr-19 Soheil Shafaei, Amit H. Varma, Morgan R. Broberg and Jungil Seo; Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN SSRC
Capturing Cold-Formed Steel Shear Wall Behavior Through Nonlinear Fastener-Based Modeling 0 Apr-19 Fani Derveni, Simos Gerasimidis and Kara D. Peterman; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Amherst, MA SSRC
Introduction to Seismic Analysis of Coupled Composite Plate Shear Walls -- Concrete-Filled (CC-PSW/CF) 0 Apr-19 Morgan R. Broberg, Soheil Shafaei, Jungil Seo, Amit H. Varma and Shubham Agrawal; Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN SSRC
Lessons from the First SpeedCore Project [H4] 0 Apr-19 Ron Klemencic, SE, PE, Hon. AIA; Amit H. Varma; Michel Bruneau, PEng, PhD, F.CAE, F.ASCE NASCC
On the Stability of Composite Plate Shear Walls under Fire Loading 0 Apr-19 Saahastaranshu R. Bhardwaj, Ataollah T. Anvari and Amit H. Varma; Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN; Shivam Sharma; Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad; India SSRC
Preliminary Results from FEMA P695 Study on Coupled Composite Plate Shear Walls--Concrete-Filled 0 Apr-19 Emre Kizilarslan and Michel Bruneau; Unversity at Buffalo; Buffalo, NY SSRC
Seismic Performance of Corrugated Double-Skin Composite Shear Walls with Different Aspect Ratios 0 Apr-19 Qiuhong Zhao and Yikang Li; Tianjin University; Tianjin, China; Ying Tian; University of Nevada; Las Vegas, NV SSRC
Simulation of Steel Sheet Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel Framed Shear Walls 0 Apr-19 Zhidong Zhang and B.W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD SSRC
SpeedCore and Composite Plate Shear Walls: Current Research and Developments [H5] 0 Apr-19 Soheil Shafaei ; Morgan Broberg ; Emre Kizilarslan ; Saahas Bhardwaj NASCC
Innovative Composite Coupled Core Walls for High-Rise Construction [U5] 0 Apr-18 Ron Klemencic, SE, PE, Hon. AIA; Amit Varma, PhD NASCC
Seismic Performance Evaluation of Cold-Formed Steel Framed Shear Walls using In-Frame Corrugated Steel Sheets 0 Apr-18 Xing Lan; Mako Steel Inc.; Carlsbad, CA; Wenying Zhang; Tongji University; Shanghai, China; Mahsa Mahdavian; Verco Decking Inc.; Sacramento, CA; Cheng Yu; University of North Texas; Denton. TX SSRC
Shear Resistance Mechanisms of Steel Sheet Walls with Burring Holes and the Effect of Wall Widths with Vertical Slits 0 Apr-18 Yoshimichi Kawai and Shigeaki Tohnai; Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp.; Chicago, IL; Kazunori Fujihashi; NS Hi-Parts Corp.; Japan; Atsushi Sato and Tetsuro Ono; Nagoya Institute of Technology; Japan SSRC
Analyses on Seismic Behavior of Corrugated Steel Plate Shear Walls 0 Mar-17 Qiuhong Zhao, Junhao Sun, and Yanan Li, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China SSRC
Experimental Studies on Corrugated Steel Plate Shear Walls 0 Mar-17 Qiuhong Zhao, Jing Qiu, and Nan Li, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China SSRC
Finite Element Analysis on Shear Strength of Cold-Formed Steel Shear Walls Using Corrugated Sheet Sheathing 0 Mar-17 Wenying Zhang and Yuanqi Li, Tongji University, Shanghai, China; Mahsa Mahdavian and Cheng Yu, University of North Texas, Denton, TX SSRC
SC Wall Compression Behavior Interaction of Design and Construction Parameters 0 Mar-17 Saahastaranshu R. Bhardwaj and Amit H. Varma, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN SSRC