Specifications, Codes and Standards

Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Column Design: Past, Present, Future 1.5 Dec-18 Joseph A. Yura, PE, PhD Webinar
ASCE 37: Design Loads on Structures During Construction [E17a] 1 Mar-17 David I. Ruby, PE, SE; Jeffrey Gasparott, PE NASCC
History of the AISC Specification; 1923-2010 1 Jan-16 Theodore Galambos, PhD, PE Webinar
Get to Know the NSBA Designer Resources for Faster Results [B2] 0 Apr-20 Domenic Coletti; Chris Garrell NASCC,WSBS
New and Proposed Changes to the Bridge Welding Code [B4] 0 Apr-20 Curtis Schroeder; Nina Choy NASCC,WSBS
Raising the Standard: An Inside Look at AISC Committees and Standards Development [O10] 0 Apr-20 Jonathan Tavarez NASCC
The Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges as a Handbook for Project Management [W4] 0 Apr-20 Mark Holland NASCC
Your Code of Standard Practice - A Fabricator's Perspective [P1] 0 Apr-20 Scott Armbrust NASCC
Your Code of Standard Practice - An Engineer's Perspective [P2] 0 Apr-20 Mike West NASCC
Your Code of Standard Practice - An Erector's Perspective [P3] 0 Apr-20 Philip Torchio NASCC
Advances in the Design Code & AASHTO Design Code Compared to International Codes [B26] 0 Apr-19 Michel Bruneau, PEng, PhD, F.CAE, F.ASCE ; Hadi Kenarangi, PhD ; Terry Cakebread NASCC,WSBS
New AASHTO ABC Guide Specification & Unique Projects [B21] 0 Apr-19 Mike Culmo, PE ; Jake Williams, PE NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Member Resistance - AASHTO Compared to Other International Codes 0 Apr-19 Steve Rhodes, CEng; Bryan Donoghue, Ceng; Terry Cakebread, CEng WSBS
The New Certification Standard: Update for Erectors [Q8] 0 Apr-19 David Webb ; Dennis Haught NASCC
2017 LOD: What You Need to Know [T5] 0 Apr-18 Will Ikerd, CM-BIM, LEED-AP; David Merrifield NASCC
The Myth of the Ladder Effect and Other Railing Code Issues [D1] 0 Apr-18 Tony Leto NASCC
The New Certification Program Requirements and Standard: What Do They Mean for You? [Q2] 0 Apr-18 Mark Trimble, PE; Mike West, PE, F.ASCE NASCC
Whats New in the 2017 AIST Tech Report #13 [N23] 0 Apr-18 Tim Bickel, PE; John Rolfes, SE, PE NASCC
What Should Engineers Know about IBC Chapter 17? [CA7] 0 Mar-17 Mike West NASCC
Bridge Information Modeling--Towards an Industry Exchange Standard [B17] 0 Apr-16 Scot Becker; Samy Elsayed; Ian Trudeau NASCC,WSBS
Chapter N and the Erector: What Does it Mean for Quality? [Q9] 0 Apr-16 Mike Gase NASCC
New Supplement to Nuclear Specification on Composite SC Walls in Nuclear Facilities [N52] 0 Apr-16 Amit Varma; Taha Al-Shawaf NASCC
Preview of the 2016 AISC Seismic Provisions and Prequalified Connections for Seismic Moment Frames [N74] 0 Apr-16 James O. Malley; Ronald O. Hamburger NASCC
The Code of Standard Practice: A Legal and Practical Tool [N15A] 0 Apr-16 David Ratterman; Babette Freund; Mike West; Phil Torchio NASCC
What's New with the 2016 Code of Standard Practice -- An Overview of the 2016 AISC Specification [N39A] 0 Apr-16 Cynthia Duncan; Charlie Carter NASCC