Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Solutions for Vibration Issues -- Evaluation and Retrofits [N28] 1.5 Apr-18 Thomas Murray, PE, PhD; Brad Davis, SE, PhD NASCC
Is This Floor Moving? Vibration Analysis of Steel Joist Concrete Slab Floors [Y7] 0 Apr-20 Brad Davis NASCC
Fanny Appleton Pedestrian Bridge Detailing and Vibration Performance 0 Apr-19 William Goulet; Marian Barth WSBS
Structural Vibration Serviceability: FAQs and More [L16] 0 Apr-19 Thomas Murray, PE, PhD ; Brad Davis NASCC
The New and Improved Design Guide 11, 2nd ed. -- Vibrations of Steel-Framed Systems Due to Human Activity [E5a] 0 Mar-17 Thomas M. Murray; Brad Davis NASCC
Steel Framed Floor Design for Vibration-Sensitive Equipment [N42A] 0 Apr-16 Brad Davis; Ph.D.; S.E. NASCC