Shear Strength of Web-Tapered I-Shaped Members

The shear strengths of ten slender, built-up, unstiffened, tapered I-shaped specimens were measured and compared to strength predictions computed using the AISC 2010 Specification method and a new method proposed by S.C. Lee, C.H. Yoo, and colleagues.  The comparisons indicate that the AISC 2010 Specification shear strength prediction method is overly conservative and that the Lee et al. method is accurate.  The method by Lee et al. takes into account certain assumptions and mechanics, including realistic boundary conditions at the web-flange connection and post-buckling strength, that were not used in the development of the AISC 2010 Specification shear strength equations but seem to be indicated by the experimental research. 

  • Date: 4/16/2013 - 4/20/2013


Studer, R.P.; American Buildings Company; De Motte, IN; Davis, D.B.; University of Kentucky; Lexington, KY

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