Stability and Moment-Rotation Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Purlins with Sleeved Bolted Connection

Long runs of cold-formed steel Z-section purlins are often segmented due to assemblage and transportation issues. The segments are commonly connected by bolts to a short cold-formed steel member similar to the purlin; this short member is typically called a sleeve; from a structural point of view, it does not guarantee a state of full continuity to the purlin. This study reports a series of 15 experiments on cold-formed steel Z-sections purlins with sleeved bolted connections tested in bending. These experiments vary cross-section height, thickness and length of sleeve, and span. This parametric experimental study seeks to better understand the flexural-buckling strength, collapse mechanism, and moment-rotation behavior of purlin-sleeve systems. Since the design of purlins with sleeved bolted connections is often limited by the serviceability limit state, in this case excessive displacement, special attention is given to accurately determining and understanding the moment-rotation behavior of purlin-sleeve systems. Based on the experimental results, an expression is proposed to predict non-linear moment-rotation behavior; the proposed expression is compared to expressions previously proposed in the literature. The proposed moment-rotation expression, when used in a simple rotation spring-beam model, leads to accurate prediction of displacement in the purlin-sleeve system.

  • Date: 3/23/2017
  • PDH Credits: 0


Fernando H. Gilio and Maxiliano Malite, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; Luiz C. M. Vieira, Jr., University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazi

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