Continuing Education

Stability of Wall Systems

Finite Element Modeling of Cold-Formed Steel Shear Wall Sheathed with Corrugated Steel Sheathing Mahsa Mahdavian and Cheng Yu; University of North Texas; Denton; TX; Wenying Zhang; Tongji University; Shanghai; China; Aritra Chatterjee; Junle Cai and Cristopher D. Moen; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Blacksburg; VA Stiffness; Stability; and Strength of Floor-to-Wall Connections in Ledger-Framed Cold-Formed Steel Construction Deniz Ayhan and Benjamin W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore; MD Nonlinear Analyses of Channel Stiffened Steel Plate Shear Walls Considering Gravity Effects Qiuhong Zhao; Jing Qiu and Han Zhu; Tianjin University; Tianjin; China Ultimate Strength of Expanded Metal Panels Subjected to Shear Loading Carlos Graciano; National University of Colombia; Bogot‡; Colombia; Paulo Teixeira and Gabriela Mart’nez; Sim—n Bol’var University; Caracas; Venezuela
  • Date: 4/13/2016 - 10/20/2016
  • PDH Credits: 0


Mahsa Mahdavian; Cheng Yu; Wenying Zhang; Aritra Chatterjee; Junle Cai; Cristopher D. Moen; Deniz Ayhan; Benjamin W. Schafer; Qiuhong Zhao; Jing Qiu; Han Zhu; Carlos Graciano; Paulo Teixeira; Gabriela Martinez

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