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The Fabricator's Role in Sustainability [G4]

When you hear about steel and sustainability, you generally hear about how steel helps buildings obtain a LEED certification through the process of steel production. You hear statements such as, "Steel is the most recycled material in the world," "Steel is continuously recyclable, which means it can be recycled over and over with no loss of performance" and "Steel is the "Greenest" construction product." But how can the steel fabrication process influence the sustainability of steel buildings? This session will show how the application of Lean Production Management can be applied to the steel fabrication process increasing the sustainably of the steel building. Also, this session will explore why these fabrication methods should be recognized by the US Green Building Council when setting the LEED rating for steel buildings.
  • Date: 4/18/2012 - 4/20/2012
  • PDH Credits: 0


Lawrence Kruth; Tim Mrozowski

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