The Post-Buckling Strength and Tension-Field Action Mechanism of Cold-Formed Steel Shear Walls with Steel Sheeting

AISI standard, section C2.1 mentioned that "For walls with material of the same type and
nominal strength applied to opposite face of the same wall the available strength of material of
the same capacity is cumulative". This means in CFS shear wall if we use sheeting in both sides,
the strength of the wall will be two time of a wall with similar materials and sheeting in one side.
Due to the lack of data, a research project was undertaken to evaluate the inelastic performance
of CFS shear wall. The paper presents an experimental investigation on 1.2 m wide, 3 m high
cold-formed steel (CFS) stud framed shear walls using steel sheet sheathing in one face and both
faces. Four walls with 1.2mm and 2.5mm framing thickness were tested through cyclic tests. The
test results indicated that use of steel sheeting in both faces, do not result double shear strength
for tested walls. Shear strength improvement ratio for walls with thicker frame member (2.5mm)
was better than walls with 1.2mm frame thickness.

  • Date: 4/16/2013 - 4/20/2013


Mohebbi, S., Mirghaderi, S.R. and S. Torabian; University of Tehran; Tehran, Iran; Farahbod, F.; Building and Housing Research Center of Iran; Iran

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