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Night School 21

Welded Connections -- A Primer for Engineers

Closely following the layout of the second edition of AISC's Design Guide 21 Welded Connections: A Primer for Engineers, this Night School course will present a thorough review of the fundamentals of welded connections.  This updated design guide references provisions in AISC 360-16, AISC 341-16 and AWS D1.1:2015. The design guide contains new chapters dealing with seismic considerations and fracture mechanics as applied to welded connections, and the chapter on fatigue has been expanded, all of which will be presented in the course. Topics addressed will include: weld processes, principles of welded connections, welded connection details, metallurgy and cracking, fatigue, seismic, special welding applications, and problems and fixes.

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  • Date: 10/8/2019 to 12/10/2019
  • Duration: 1.5 hours per session
  • Location: Night School
  • PDH Credits: 1.5 PDH per session (up to 12.0 PDH)
  • Connection Instructions: Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing your receipt, a link to access the webinar, dial-in audio instructions, and a link to a PDF handout of slides.


Duane K. Miller, ScD, PE

This session will introduce the course before addressing welded connection basics, which begins with a review of applicable welding codes.  The session will then review arc welding processes including advantages and limitations, and also review welding thermal cutting processes.  The session will then review joint and weld types.

Duane K. Miller, ScD, PE

Following the right principles can lead to better welded connections and better projects. In this session, 14 principles of welded connection design will be presented. The principles are discussed and then illustrated with examples of connections that comply and do not comply with the concepts.

Session 3: Welded Connection Details

Duane K. Miller, ScD, PE

This session will address welded connection details.  The session begins with a review of types of joints. Topics such as weld backing, weld tabs and weld access holes will be explained.  Various weld types including CJP and PJP groove welds, fillet welds and plug welds will be addressed.  The session concludes with a discussion on weld metal strength.

Session 4: Metallurgy and Cracking

Duane K. Miller, ScD, PE

This session will focus on two topics: metallurgy and cracking. Many metallurgical issues are associated with steel construction and the first part of the session will focus on the welding-related issues associated with the various steels that are commonly used in structural applications. The part of the session will review the issue of cracking. Cracking rarely occurs when fabrication is properly done in accordance.

Session 5: Fatigue of Welded Connections

Duane K. Miller, ScD, PE

This session is specifically geared to toward Engineers and Contractors involved with bridge construction, but is equally applicable to individuals involved with the design and fabrication of crane girders and supports, and other weldments subject to cyclic loading. The basic concepts behind fatigue-resistant steel structures are considered, explaining the interrelated variables of stress range, connection geometry and the expected life of the welded connection. The role of dead load stress versus live load stress are discussed, as are the variable of weld quality and steel strength. Using AISC 360 Appendix 3, weld geometries are considered in detail with a practical focus on how to increase the fatigue resistance of welded connections.

Session 6: Seismic Welding Issues

Duane K. Miller, ScD, PE

This session will discuss seismic design and ductility, the 1994 Northridge earthquake and the requirements of the AWS D1.8 Seismic Welding Supplement.  AWS D1.8 will be reviewed with a specific focus on the requirements that must be specified by the Engineer, what compliance to these requirements looks like, and why such provisions are in the Code. AISC 358 – Prequalified Connections for Special and intermediate Steel Moment Frames will be introduced.

Session 7: Special Welding Applications

Duane K. Miller, ScD, PE

This session covers atypical welding applications for buildings.  The live webinar presents practical, straightforward solutions to challenging situations including: welding of steel headed stud anchors, welding on coated steels, welding AESS, welding on existing structures, welding heavy sections, welding under high restraint, field welding, heat shrinking, cold temperature applications and more.

Session 8: Problems and Fixes

Duane K. Miller, ScD, PE

This session covers problems associated with structural steel construction and provides solutions to many issues.  Topics such as repairs to base metal, out-of-tolerance weld joints, repairs to welds, welding on anchor rods including extending rods that are too short, repairing lamellar tears and more are addressed in this session. In all cases, the session provides practical solutions to these common problems.

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Duane Miller

Duane Miller, PE, ScD

Duane K. Miller, PE, ScD, is a recognized authority on the design of welded connections.


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