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Night School

Night School is a curriculum of courses on structural steel design and construction topics. Each course consists of eight sessions presented as ninety-minute webinars. 

Night School 29: Steel Design After College
Presented by Emily Guglielmo, Adam Friedman, Bo Dowswell, Louis F. Geschwindner, Susan Burmeister, Mark Waggoner, Mara Braselton, and Clifford Schwinger
Course runs July 26 through September 13, 2022

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Night School FAQs

Q: What are my payment options?

A: AISC only accepts credit card payments for Night School.  Special arrangements can be made for certain circumstances. 

Q: When will registration for the Night School close?

A: Registration for an individual session will close at 5:00 pm Eastern on the day of the webinar. The session will begin at 7:00 pm Eastern. Registration for the 8-Session Package will close 14 days after the first session has aired.

Q: What capabilities does my computer need to have to participate in the live and recorded sessions?

A: Flash and Java are required to view the live and recorded sessions. To test your computer, go to Where it says "Join a meeting," click on the link "Test your Computer," and follow the steps.

Q. How do I get audio?

You can listen over phone or by streaming the audio over the internet.  We recommend listening over the phone audio if your set-up will allow.

Q. Can I watch on my smartphone or tablet?

Readytalk offers iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Once you download the appropriate application for your device, you will be able to join the meeting by following the link from your e-mail. The meeting will actually launch from Safari and the ReadyTalk app will be running in the background supporting the meeting. Simply click the link in your e-mail, and you will be taken right to the meeting. For more information, go to ReadyTalk’s Mobile Conferencing page.

Q: Can I use different computers to participate in the sessions? (home computer, work computer, laptop)

A: Yes, you can use different computers as long as you are only connected with one computer at a time. Your registration is for one connection only. If additional connections are needed, additional connections must be purchased.

Q: Will I receive handouts?

A: Yes, a PDF of the slides will be available for download prior to each session. Access is provided through a link on your e-mailed Registration Confirmation as well as in the session “connection e-mail.” 

For 8-Sesson Package Registrants, you may also find the handouts by logging in to your AISC account at  Under Course Resources, you will find access to handouts as well as recordings, quizzes, quiz scores, and attendance records.  

Q: What if my submitted question did not get answered during the live webinar?

A: Unanswered questions from the live sessions are reviewed and answered by the lecturer and/or the AISC Solutions Center. The question with answer is then e-mailed to the individual who submitted it during the live session.  Response time varies for unanswered questions but every effort is made to respond in a timely manner.

Q: Can I re-access the Night School session at a later date/time?

A: If you purchase the 8-Session Package, AISC will send each attendee a link to the recording within two days of the event. The link will be active for three weeks after each session. You may access the recording by logging in to your AISC account at  Under Course Resources, you will find access to the recording as well as handouts, quizzes, quiz scores, and attendance records.  If you purchase the Individual Session Registration, you can only view the webinar live; no access to the recordings is available.

If you purchase the Individual Session Registration, you can only view the webinar live; no access to the recordings is available.

Q: What will the format (file type) be for the recorded sessions?

A: The file format is MP4. A link will be provided to view the slide presentation and to hear the presenter. Please note that you cannot download the recording to your computer

Q: Do I need to take the quiz to receive PDHs?

A: As an 8-Session Package attendee, in order for you to receive PDH credit for viewing a recorded session, you need to take and pass the quiz for the corresponding session. You may take the quiz by logging in to your AISC account at  Under Course Resources, you will find access to the quiz as well as handouts, recordings, quiz scores, and attendance records.  You may re-take the quiz, but all quiz submissions (including any re-takes) must be submitted by Monday at 8 AM, three weeks after the live session.

If you purchase the Individual Session Registration, you can only view the webinar live to receive PDH credit; no access the recordings or quizzes is available.

Q: Where can I check my quiz score?

A: After submitting a quiz, you will see your score immediately.  Your quiz score records can be found on the Night School "Current Course Details" page. Go to, then find Quiz and Attendance Records.”  This record is updated on Tuesday mornings.  For 8-Sesson Package Registrants, you may also find a record of your quiz scores by logging in to your AISC account at  Under Course Resources, you will find access to quiz scores as well as handouts, recordings, quizzes, and attendance records.  

Q. Where are the correct answers for the quiz?

The correct answers are posted on the Current Course Details page after the quiz due date has passed. They are typically posted on the following Wednesday.  

Q: How will I receive my PDH certificate?

A: If you registered for the individual sessions, you self-report your attendance. An e-mail will be sent out with your login information and information on how to report your attendance as well as anyone else who attended at that connection. Certificates are then emailed back to the attendees.

8-Session Package attendees will receive one certificate for the entire course once the last quiz and the final exam have been evaluated. Attendance and quiz records for the 8-Session Package attendees will be maintained by AISC (not self-reporting).   

Q. What is an EEU certificate of completion?

An EEU is an Equivalent Education Unit. Eight-session package registrants who attend all sessions (live or recorded), pass 7 of 8 quizzes, and pass the final exam will be awarded 1.0 EEU.  An EEU is worth a maximum of 12 PDHs/1.2 CEUs. It does not represent any official equivalent university credit and should not entitle you to credit for university courses as defined in state licensing laws but simply acknowledges that you have done the work to complete a full AISC course.

Q: I didn't get my certificate. What now?

A: The certificate e-mail was likely blocked by your spam filter. Please check your spam filter to see if the email landed there. Please add the e-mail address to your e-mail contact list. Once that is done, the certificate can be resent. If you are an individual session attendee, log back into the attendance reporting site and re-send the certificates. If you are an 8-Session Package participant, please contact us to resend the certificate. In either case, if you still do not receive your certificate, please contact us at and we will help resolve the issue.