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Fast Start Scholarships - Winners Announced!

2018-19 Academic Year AISC Fast Start Scholarships

AISC David B. Ratterman Fast Start Scholarships................................. awards totaling $48,000!

2018-19 Fast Start Scholarship Winners

Winners Attending 2-Year Programs

Name School AISC Member Company Employee Amount
Kasside Cain Kirkwood Community College Mark Cain,  Drake Williams Steel $2,000
Kayelen Joiner
Holmes Community College Lenny Joiner, Steel Services Corp. $2,000
Kolby Lawrence
Kennebec Valley Community College Raymond Lawrence, Newport Industrial Fabrication Inc. $2,000
Jonathan Martin
Hutchinson Community College Peggy Martin, PKM Steel Service, Inc.


Kyle Rhinerson
Ohio Technical College Greg Rhinerson, Electronics Research Inc.


Joseph Richter undecided Paul Richter, True North Steel


Winners Attending 4-Year Schools

Name School AISC Member Company Employee Amount
Ashley Allen undecided Annette Allen, Steel Service $4,000
YeChan Bang undecided Kyeong Bang, Owen Steel Company, Inc. $4,000
Max Fricks Drury University
David Fricks, Merrill Iron and Steel $4,000
Garrett James undecided Kim James, Cooper Steel $4,000
Paul Kelly Rochester Institute of Technology
James Kelly, Schlosser Steel, Inc. $4,000
Renae Loera undecided Bell Bros. Steel, Inc.


Kaylee Pagel undecided Eugene Pagel, Merrill Steel $4,000
Ashton Robertson University of Southern Indiana Alisha Saalwaechter, Allstate Tower, Inc. $4,000
Natalia Valentin undecided Wilfredo Valentin, Steel and Pipes, Inc. $4,000

2018-19 Judging Panel

Jack Klimp, Vice Chair, AISC Board of Directors
Lawrence Cox, AISC Board Member
Babette Freund, AISC Board Member
Patrick Leonard, AISC Board Member
Hugh McCaffrey, AISC Board Member
David Ratterman, AISC General Counsel

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants must be:

    • the child of an AISC Full member company employee OR share a permanent residence with an AISC Full member company employee. Employees must work for a facility that produces, distributes or fabricates structural steel for use in buildings and bridges and whose tonnage is used in the calculation of the members required contributions to the AISC Education Foundation.
    • a Freshman or Sophomore level student during the full 2018-19 academic year.
    • attending a 2-year or 4-year college full-time.