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SteelDay Student Competition

Thank you to all of the students who participated in the 2017 Student SteelDay Contest!  Congratulations to the five winners:

Julia Blank (@jeblank, Instagram)

I love steel.
Steel builds bridges that connect us to the people we love.
Steel also creates buildings that keep us safe.
As a bonus welding is super fun.
Also, steel has brought me to some of the coolest people... Who also love steel.
So I hope you all have fun driving over a bridge or sitting in a building today, and maybe think about how awesome steel is☺️ #steelday #studentcontest #aisc

Chris Cattron (@chris.cattron, Instagram)

The thing I love most about structural steel is that it is the most sustainable building material. Most people don't know that structural steel can be recycled endlessly without loss to its physical properties. Steel is the world's most recycled material! #SteelDay #studentcontest

Matthew Connor Lewis (@matthewconnorlewis, Instagram)

As a structural engineering student @clemsonuniversity I've learned a lot about structural steel. Steel is such a versatile material. It's very strong with respect to it's it's unit weight. It's a very durable material that can be used in structures to increase their lifespan when compared to sturctures built with other materials. Steel is also an incredibly sustainable material; not only can steel be salvaged and reformed, there was one case that I became familiar with during a summer internship where an entire steel bridge was bought and transported to a different location and attached to different abutments. When we design with steel we become engineers and artists. When people walk into our buildings or travel on our bridges, they look around them and see loads supported by beams and columns. They see the bolted connections and plates and cantilever beams. They see all of this and experience the structure as a form of art, but unlike other materials, they can see much more clearly, the thought and analysis that has gone into all the details of the structure. Happy steel day everyone!
#SteelDay #studentcontest #AISC #STEEL #steelbeams

Julia Kirkpatrick (@julesmkirk, Instagram)

Happy Steel Day! Today is a day to appreciate all that is possible with Steel ♥️
Why do I love steel? WELL, steel is everywhere! It's the support system for many of the structures we use and it allows us in construction and engineering to channel our inner creativity. Steel design is an art.
It can be transformed into several different shapes/sizes, it provides strength without being too heavy, but what's most riveting is it's many uses, from adding uniqueness to a design (such as the wings that can open and close on the MAM), to being used to support the weight of the cape hatteras lighthouse while being transported .5 miles inland (the staircase is iron but it still looks nice). Without steel, the lighthouse would probably be in the ocean and I wouldn't be able to climb it every single year, so thank you steel!

Shannon Oh (Facebook)

What better way to celebrate Steel Day than to have a delivery of over 50,000 lbs of structural steel! Construction begins soon on our frames for our research on resilient moment frames. Every steel design requires a team to design, fabricate and put it all together. Steel is simple to use, yet there are endless possibilities to how it can be used. There is always a solution in steel! #SteelDay #studentcontest #gradschoolrocks #WE Byu


Attention all students!

Friday, September 15 is SteelDay, and you are invited to join us in celebrating the structural steel industry!  SteelDay offers the opportunity for architecture, engineering and construction professionals, students and others to gain insight into the work, experience and accomplishments of the U.S. structural steel industry at events occurring all over the country.

Although the start of fall term can be a busy time for students, we're making it easy for you to participate in SteelDay through a social media contest just for you!

Simply tell us what do you love about structural steel!  What do you like about designing in steel?  What do you find interesting about the steel construction industry in general?  Put your thoughts into a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post between Monday, September 11 through SteelDay, Friday, September 15, and add the hashtags #SteelDay and #studentcontest.

Tip: Make sure your profile (Twitter or Instagram) or your post (Facebook) is public so we can see it!

All eligible entries will be reviewed by a jury of AISC staff members, and up to five (5) lucky winners will receive their choice of a new 15th Edition AISC Steel Construction Manual, a 2nd Edition AISC Seismic Design Manual, or Beats X Wireless Earbuds (a $150 value).  Students may enter more than once but are only eligible for one prize.  Winners must be located within the U.S.

By participating in the SteelDay student contest, each entrant irrevocably grants AISC a non-exclusive, unlimited, worldwide, perpetual, royalty free, transferable license and right to use and authorize the use of the entrant's submission and any other material or information in connection with the Contest for purposes of advertising, trade and other commercial purposes. AISC will not share private information.

Winners will be announced on Friday, September 22.

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