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What is a Student Steel Bridge Competition Club?

There are a variety of ways Student Steel Bridge Competition Teams are structured. One of them is through an SSBC Club. The club can simply be a platform to gather as an SSBC team on school property or can extend to include other events and programs such as local fabrication shop tours, attending AISC sponsored seminars and being student members of AISC. We also encourage you to apply for our Adopt a School Program! This is your club and you have the freedom to structure it as you wish. We are here as a resource!

Who can start a club?

An SSBC Club may be founded at any college or university located in the USA. The club shall consist of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at that college or university for at least one academic term during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Why join the Student Steel Bridge Competition Club?

The Student Steel Bridge Competition is a fun and exciting way for students to extend their classroom knowledge to a practical and hands-on steel-design project. The project grows your interpersonal and professional skills, encourages innovation, and fosters impactful relationships between students and industry professionals. Beyond the benefits related to the competition, students will also benefit from exposure to the structural steel industry as well as AISC resources and events.

What's included in the SSBC Club Starter Guide?

  • Steps to Start your Club
  • Bridge Project Planning Guide
  • Presentation Template for School Administration Club Approval
  • Funding Resources
  • Faculty Advisor Expectations
  • Sample Club Position Descriptions
  • Sample Club Constitution Template
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Social Media Tips
  • Letter Template to Fabricators

Who do I contact if I need assistance in setting up my club?

Please contact our Special Event Planner, Sadie Brown at or 312.802.4170