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SSBC: Compete from Campus

In lieu of SSBC: In-Person events, AISC offers a Compete from Campus option provided it is safe to do so given any restrictions put in place by a team’s school. Teams that participate in a Compete from Campus Regional Event will be eligible to qualify for the National Finals which will also be in a Compete from Campus format. Wild card eligibility rules will still apply.

Official Rules

The SSBC: Compete from Campus will be based on the Official Rules for the 2021 Student Steel Bridge Competition. The 2021 Rules were released on August 20, 2020. 


Questions and clarifications regarding the SSBC rules will still be handled through the normal clarifications process and can be submitted to the Rules Committee through the official online form.

Compete from Campus Guidelines

In order to mimic the conditions of an in-person Regional Event, all teams should follow the Compete from Campus Guidelines. Due to the nature of the Compete from Campus version of the competition, some rules have been adjusted to ensure as much consistency as possible between the teams taking part in the Compete from Campus competition.

Download  [Revision 1: February 2, 2021]

Compete from Campus Judging Form

This is the official judging form for the Compete from Campus competition to be completed by the campus Head Judge. The form is a fillable PDF that will need to be submitted with the team’s documentation. This version of the form is for the 2021 National Finals.

Download  [Revision 6: April 19, 2021]

The Head Judge can use a printed copy of the judging form during the competition, but the team should have a computer available at the time of the judging so the data can be input in the fillable PDF. The Team Captain and Head Judge should review all of the data in the PDF and sign it electronically by typing their names into the designated fields, agreeing to the Honor Code Certification Statement. 

Other Compete from Campus Resources

Preparation Checklist

A list of what you need to prepare for as a team participating in SSBC: Compete from Campus.


Construction Lane Taping Plan

This drawing provides guidance on how to tape the construction lanes. It shows which dimensions are critical during setup and which side of the tape dimensions should be taken.


Important Dates

Confirm Campus Judge(s) | Due Feb 1, 2020

Each team must appoint one to three judges by February 1, 2021. These may be professors, local engineers, steel fabricators, or others familiar with the competition rules. The judges can be affiliated with the team’s school but cannot be a member of the SSBC team. Appoint one of the judges as the campus Head Judge who will sign the certification attesting that all rules were followed to the best of their knowledge. The team’s faculty advisor may serve as a judge only if all other options have been exhausted. Please review the Compete from Campus Guidelines for more information. 

Assistance from AISC

If a team is struggling to find a local volunteer to serve as campus Head Judge, AISC will assist them. To request assistance from AISC, teams should email University Programs ( Once requested, AISC will post the team’s request and captain’s contact information to our Volunteers page. Anyone interested in volunteering will contact the team captain directly. 


Judges will be asked to attend an online training session hosted by AISC on February 10, 2021.


Pre-registration Update Form | Due Feb 1, 2020

All SSBC: Compete from Campus and Supplemental Competition teams must complete the Pre-registration Update Form by February 1. This form will be used to confirm participation plans and to provide additional information that will help AISC prepare for the virtual events. Teams participating in the SSBC: Compete from Campus will also be asked to provide contact information for their campus judge(s). The form is available at

Regional Event Submissions | Due April 1, 2020

Teams shall submit all materials for the SSBC: Compete from Campus option at by April 1. Additional instructions for uploading materials will be provided on this page. All schools in each region will compete against each other virtually. The number of schools eligible to be invited to the National Finals will follow the Rule 4.4.2. 

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Rules Questions & Clarifications

AISC maintains an Official Rules and Clarifications page, where the Rules can be downloaded and questions are addressed. Rules questions may be submitted to the SSBC Rules Committee through the official online form.  Official Clarifications are posted online for access by all competitors.  

John Parucki
National Head Judge

- Compete from Campus Guide Clarifications and Setup 

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