Future Leaders Ideas Lab


 Here's What Some of Our Past Attendees Have to Say: 

"The Future Leaders Idea Lab was an eye-opening experience for the management in our company. Talking openly and honestly about our businesses with other fabricators was invaluable."
"Attending the AISC Future Leaders Lab helped to lay the foundation I needed to transition into the leader of our company."
"Networking among peers is awesome, but networking while learning is priceless."
"I will be a more well-rounded member of our company after attending the Future Leaders Ideas Lab."
"I have been to all 4 Future Leaders Labs... It is worth the investment.  No matter who you are, or where you are in your company, you will walk away with something that will help improve yourself and your business in the long run."
"Every year I learn something that helps me in my everyday life and meet someone new that creates a new way to increase business for our company."
"The Future Leaders Ideas Lab was the best event I have been to for sharing best practices, particularly leadership practices in the steel construction industry!"