Steel Meets the Pepsi Challenge
By Thomas Z. Scarangello, PE with E.M. Phillips
This ultra-modern sporting arena keeps its customers both entertained and comfortable

Why a Christmas Tree?
By Scott L. Melnick
A look at the origins of "topping-out"

Baycrest Center
By Barry Charnish, P. Eng
This Center for Geriatric Care won the Canadian Steel Construction Award for its beautiful exposed roof structure

New Coating Technology for Corrosion Prevention
By Karen J. Thornton
Applied Semiconductor, Inc. has devised a method that may reduce the cost of corrosion.

Performance-Based Design for Fire Resistance
By Barbara Lane, PhD
How "t-equivalent" analysis and other factors are changing the way we look at fire resistance design

Philadelphia Shipyard is State-of-the-Art
By Jared Loos, PE & Pradeep Patel, PE
This massive project took 18,000 tons of steel and two different design firms

Quality Certification Issues: Inspector Certification
By William G. Ashton
How one shop keeps its line moving while complying to AISC's Quality standards