A Compendium of Steel References for the Design Office
This compendium identifies accurate, complete and available references on a wide variety of subjects regarding design of steel structures. This list is offered to the design community as a useful reference.

Bridge Crossings No. 16
By Michael G. Barker & Steven D. Schrage
High Performance Steel: Design and Cost Comparisons

Bridge Crossings No. 17
By William D. Corbett
The Same Old Grind - An Investigation of Zinc-Rich Primer Performance Over Steel Corners

Design/Build and the Structural Engineer
By Joseph P. Watson III, PE
A look at advantages and disadvantages

Design/Build: Good for Owners, Good for Designers
By Mark Thompson, PE, CSP, CPE
An overview of the latest buzzword

Looking Ahead
By Sommer Brokaw
William McGuire enjoys a reputation as a true visionary

Saving Time and Money with Design/Build
By Steve Miller & Roger O'Hara, PE
Civic Center Place, a recently completed 110,000-square-foot, four-story steel office building located in Fremont, CA displays the success of the design/build process