Detailer Training in Canada
By Maurice Roy and M. I. Gilmor

New OSHA Erection Rules: How They Affect Engineers, Fabricators & Contractors
By Barry L. Barger and Michael A. West
Highlights of changes from the current standard with emphasis on those of particular interest to engineers, fabricators and contractors

New Polymer Technology Improves Durability and Constructability of Coating ffor Steel Structures
By Tom Calzone
Four important characteristics of coatings for exposed steel parking garages, corrosion control, constructability, cosmetics and coatings for fireproofing

Pixar Animation Studios: Fabrication and Erection Challenges
By Ron Long and Dan McGill & Jawed Umerani, S.E.
Pixar's new headquarters is a two-story 220,000 square foot exposed steel frame structure with masonry brick veneer facade, designed for the seismic performance goal to remain operational after the Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCE) (169KB PDF)

Steel & Precast Slab Construction System for Mid and High-Rise Residential Buildings
By Peter A. Naccarato
Flex-Frame L.L.C. has aimed this technology specifically towards high-rise residential buildings. It is an assembly of precast concrete hollow-core slabs supported by structural steel

The "Smart" Solution
By Billy Milligan, P.E.
SMI began manufacturing their version of the castellated beam, the Smart-Beam TM , about 18 months ago with a single target market in mind; Composite Floor Beams

The Engineer's Responsibilities and the Structural Welding Code
By Duane K. Miller, Sc.D, P.E.
Regardless of a given engineer's level of experience with welding, the AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code - Steel requires the engineer's interaction on a variety of fabrication and erection issues

What's New in the AISC 1999 LRFD Specification for Structural Steel Buildings
By Cynthia J. Lanz
A sampling of the major changes you will find in the AISC 1999 LRFD Specification (Appended with Technical Bulletin 3)