A New Dimension to Design-Build
By Craig Williams, P.E.
The Haskell Company (THC), located in Jacksonville, FL, has added a unique in-house capability, a Steel Fabrication Section, to enhance their capabilities in design-build projects. Includes examples of Broward County Regional Library and the Pembroke Pines' Academic Village.

Design-Build and Design-Assist: Two Growth Areas at Havens Steel
By Don Proffer
In an industry that has always been driven by schedules, budgets and quality, Havens Steel is using design-build and design-assist techniques to more closely achieve all three of these goals for owners.

Design-Build and the Steel Fabricator
By John Cross, P.E.
Assembling a highly effective project team from among many disciplines and vocations with the design and construction industry is at the heart of design-build delivery.

Designing HSS Connections
By Larry Kloiber, P.E.
Direct Welded Connections, Welded / Bolted Connections, Architecturally Exposed Connections, HSS Connection Design References.

Meet the Experts at MSC's Online Chats: Structural Bolting Issues
By Peter C. Birkemoe
The following is an edited transcript from the August 7, 2001 on-line chat with Peter Birkemoe from the University of Toronto and Vice Chairman of the Research Council on Structural Connections, and Charlie Carter, AISC's Director of Engineering and Continuing Education who serves on the Executive Committee of the Research Council on Structural Connections.

Meet the Experts at MSC's Online Chats: Structural Welding Issues
By Duane K. Miller
Transcript from the July 24, 2001 on-line chat with Duane Miller of the Lincoln Electric Company, which focuses on welding issues for structural steel.

United States Courthouse
By Robert D. McCartney, S.E.
Varying court layouts from floor-to-floor, as well as the complex circulation system, made it unlikely that an effective lateral system would be developed using a braced-frame.