10 Tips for Designing with Steel Joists
By Timothy J. Holtermann, P.E.
Tips for avoiding common problems when designing with steel joists.

Bridge Builders
By Beth S. Pollak and Dan Swiatek
A record 44 teams participated in the 2004 National Student Steel Bridge Competition Finals (co-sponsored by AISC and ASCE) at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO.

Capitol Improvements
By Gene O. Brown, P.E. and Timothy J. Dolf, P.E.
A design-build effort topped off Oklahoma's nearly 90-year-old State Capitol building with a crown of steel.

Classic Papers from AISC's Engineering Journal
By David T. Ricker
"Cambering Steel Beams" by David T. Ricker, 4th Quarter 1989

Complex Apartments
By Beth S. Pollak and Michael Gustafson
An innovative staggered truss system and a design-build effort sped the completion of an apartment complex in Ames, IA.

Over the Top
By Richard C. Pennock, P.E. and Ronald E. Thompson, P.E.
Steel canopies offer a lighter and brighter view at several new stations for the Washington, D.C.-area rapid transit system.

Rapid Replay
By Gene Martin, P.E. and Beth S. Pollak, with David R. Simpson, P.E
Trust, teamwork, and technology boost a quick switch from concrete to steel in the expansion of West Virginia University's Mountaineer Stadium in Morgantown, WV.

Steel Joist Products

The Most Expensive Bridge in the World
By Roumen V. Mladjov, S.E.
From My Perspective: One engineer comments on the soaring cost of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Span.