2005 Listing of Structural Steel Detailers
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Lofty Ideas
By Oliver Osterwind, S.E.
The conversion of a vintage New York City warehouse into condominiums included adding four floors and creating a dramatic cantilevered addition - all framed with structural steel.

Quality Corner: QMC Launches New Web Site
By Roberta L. Marstellar, P.E.
QMC launches a new web site to answer fabricator questions about AISC Certification.

Sorry, Charley!
By Joseph C. Kosinski, P.E.
The Lighthouse Resort in Fort Myers Beach, FL was "high and dry" in Hurricane Charley's aftermath - thanks to a renovation and hurricane-rated steel retrofit.

SteelWise: AISC Design Guides
By Sergio Zoruba, Ph.D.
AISC Design Guides strive to make life a little easier.

Strong Medicine
By Douglas R. Wilson, P.E., Russell D. Kent, P.E., Stephen Stanek, P.E., and David B. Swanson, P.E., S.E.
A much-needed seismic retrofit is just what the doctor ordered for this aging naval hospital serving thousands on Washington's Puget Sound. (150 KB)

The Devil is in the Details
By Ron Yeager, based on a list by Ron Francis
Checking detail drawings is more an art than a science - it's the give and take between detailers and checkers that results in the best final product.