A New Angle
A conversation with the steel fabricator for the new Hearst Tower in New York City.

Holding Court
By Flora Calabrese, P.E.
A late 19th century warehouse provided the framework for this modern courthouse.

How to Blow out a Rivet
By Omer Blodgett,SC.D.,P.E.

Patterns of Failure
By Henry Petroski
Structural failures occur in part because the design process is subject to all the flaws and failings of human intelligence and human nature.

Quality Corner: AISC Certification as an Alternative to Code-Required Special Inspections
By Brian Miller
AISC Certification provides help for industry professionals new to special inspection requirements.

Rising High
The engineers for two steel-framed Chicago towers provide insight into the current trends in high-rise office building design.

Simplification of Sales and Use Taxes: Is it Possible?
By Erica Horn
Identification and education are the keys to success in avoiding unexpected state and local sales and use tax liability.

Specifying Camber
By Erika Winters Downey
The Steel Solutions Center has the resources and rules of thumb you need to properly specify beam camber.

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