From Warehouse to Schoolhouse
By Charles Heaphy, R.A.
A steel-framed industrial warehouse in the Bronx is repurposed into a unique triple high school campus.

Banking on Sustainability
By David Gibney & Nathan T. Charlton, P.E., S.E.
Cellular beams help Boise's Banner Bank Building achieve green goals and provide open, flexible office space, at tremendous materials and energy savings.

Capital View
By Allyn Kilsheimer, P.E.
An expansion project within a stone's throw of the u.S. Capitol adds a little more steel to a notoriously concrete town.

Changing Attitudes
By Mike Schwiebert
The latitude one office high-rise in downtown Miami may just be the beginning of a structural steel revolution in South Florida.

Case Studies in Welding
Welding plays a crucial role in the success of two well-known projects. here's the inside story.

Quality Corner: Taking a Pass on Waivers
By Brian Raff
AISC Certification's no More Waivers! program is setting out to live up to its name, and improved communication in the steel industry is the key.

SteelWise: Saying What You Mean
By Tom Schlafly & Jason Ericksen, S.E.
Common sense and clear thinking will help you create weld symbols that get you the results you want.

Theres a Flagpole Spec?
By Matthew Fadden & Jill Rajek
The story behind the design and construction of the world's tallest flagpoles.

Totally Tubular
By Tabitha S. Stine, P.E.
An innovative modular HSS construction system for the multi-story residential market touts time and money savings.

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