A Virtual Success
By Atul Khanzode, Dean Reed, and Blake W. Dilsworth, S.E.
Using BIM, combined with lean construction techniques, results in enhanced field productivity for a California medical campus project.

Practical BIM
By Jeffrey Smilow, P.E.
How are engineers and architects implementing and using this developing technology?

Driving Toward an Integrated Solution
By Luke Faulkner
Analyzing the obstacles that an industry must address to implement BIM.

Steeling the Show
By Tim Santi, P.E.
In a town full of entertainment venues, the new Branson Convention Center is taking center stage.

2007 NSBA Prize Bridge Competition Winners
The NSBA Prize Bridge Competition honors significant and innovative steel bridges constructed in the U.S. Awards are presented in several categories.

2007 NSBA Prize Bridge Competition: Merit Award Winners
In addition to its Prize Bridge Award winners, NSBA is also proud to announce its Merit Award winners. (881 KB)

Calibration: Meeting Customer Requirements
By Larry Martof
The dimensional and finish quality of your work is directly related to the calibration of your tools, equipment, and measuring instruments. (72 KB)

Bookmark and Share Low Floor Heights: The Low-Down By Erika Winters-Downey, S.E. There are several practical options for reducing floor-to-floor heights. (151 KB)