Reaching for the Stars
By Scott Melnick
Contemporary architectural press covers architects with great fanfare—but where are the "Star-Engineers" that make their projects possible?

Going Beyond Material Issues
By Mark Gorgolewski, Ph.D., Dip. Arch., LEED AP
Steel’s high ratio of recycled content isn’t its only asset in the sustainability game. Click here to view the full paper (PDF).

High Seismic Detailing and Fabricating
By Tom Ferrell, P.E., and Tony Hazel, P.E.
Projects designated as "high seismic" require special attention. Here’s an introduction to some of the complexities of detailing and fabricating high seismic projects. Click here to view the full paper (PDF).

Quality Assurance for Structural Engineering Firms
By Clifford Schwinger
Implementing an in-house quality assurance program benefits your firm, your employees, and your clients. Click here to view the full paper (PDF).

Roof Diaphragms and Low-Rise Seismic Design
By Colin A. Rogers and Robert Tremblay
When roof deck diaphragms are used to transmit lateral loads from seismic events to vertical bracing elements, more robust diaphragm designs may be be required. Click here to view the full paper (PDF).

Meandering Across the Missouri
By Christian Brown, P.E.
The right material and the right design were the keys to success for a new Missouri River pedestrian bridge.

Campus Core
By Jim Corsiglia, P.E., S.E.
A new cardiovascular facility is the heart of the University of Michigan’s medical campus.

Save More Money
By Charles J. Carter, P.E., S.E., and Thomas J. Schlafly
Smart design and detailing can add up to big savings in the total cost of fabricated structural steel.

Going Elliptical
By Jeffrey A. Packer, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Elliptical hollow sections are making inroads in North America, and experts worldwide are making efforts to promote this latest of HSS types.

A Complete Fabrication
By Geoff Weisenberger
An AISC Certified steel fabricator gives us an inside look at its processes.

Quality Corner: Empowering Improvement in the Supply Chain
By Larry Martof
Defining the parameters of your supply chain and identifying and correcting weak links will help ensure a smooth delivery process and, ultimately, satisfied customers.

The Progression of the Structural Engineer
By Erik Nelson, P.E., S.E.
What is truth? An experienced structural engineer found that when it comes to design, truth changes over time.

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