The Two Towers
By Zachary Kates, P.E., Matthew Horne, P.E., and R. Wayne Stocks, P.E.
A new addition to John Hopkins Hospital, consisting of two interconnected towers, houses several medicine disciplines- and all of the heavy, specialized equipment that comes with them.

Second Nature
By Jim Corsiglia, P.E., S.E.
BIM has been part of the relationship between a Michigan structural engineer and steel fabricator for several years, and their projects reap the benefits.

Clinic's Cure
By Dennis G. Wilkinson, P.E., and Thomas E. Bartolomucci, P.E., S.E.
A medical clinic expansion crosses the bridge to health and healing.

Best Laid Expansion Plans
By Steve Wylie
A Louisiana hospital grows one story taller-and more seismically stable- and stays fully opertaional during the process.

Staying Competitive
By Thomas R. Broad
In today's highly competitive market, healthcare facilities are constantly looking to got the extra mile- and so are some of the teams hat help build them.

Technical Soultions are Just the Half of It
By Luke Faulkner
The other half of BIM implementation involves true collaboration and the willingness to try a new approach to project design.

Lean Construction in California Health Care
By Glenn Ballard, Dick Decker, and John Mack
A California health-care provider takes a new approach to building desgin and construction with its latest hospital project.

Digging Through the Rubble, Part II
By Monica Stockmann and Thomas J. Schlafly
The discussion on welding for seismic applications continues.

The Auditor Cometh
By Zane Keniston
How to make your next QMC audit a bit less stressful.

The Right Way to Camber a Beam
By Reidar Bjorhovde
Knowing when to drill holes in cambered members is key to reducing the likelihood of cracking.

Building a Winning Team
By Jeff Schulz
Building a winning team environment, letting people know their roles, and putting them in a position to win all go a long way toward being successful.

In The Shop
Manufacturers of fabrication equipment large and small share their thoughts on the fabrication industry and the machinery they're providing to.

BIM and Beyond
By Carl Pugh, P.E.
Catching the BIM wave requires an understanding of the forces behind it.