Safety in Numbers
By Gregg Bundschuh
AISC explores a group insurance and risk management program for its members.

Every Which Way
By Gary Provencher and Dave Farrell
A 19-section roof in Vegas contains more than 16,000 steel members and no right angles.

Splitting the Uprights
By Tarek Ayoubi, P.E., Andrew Stoebner, P.E., and Kenneth Byle, P.E.
The retractable roof at Lucas Oil Stadium has a different way of opening.

Special Delivery
By John George, P.E., S.E.
UPS’ mammoth steel-framed Worldport facility sorts more than 500,000 packages per hour using a materials handling system more than 170 miles long.

Up and Running in No Time
By Gregg Fredrick, P.E.
In late spring, this bridge was severely damaged but by early fall, it was open to traffic again.

Twice as Nice
By Michael Banashek, P.E., S.E.
Branson visitors now have twice as much room to get in and out of town over the White River.

Wide River
By Stuart Nielsen, P.E.
The first bridge crossing the Des Moines River in Keosauqua, Iowa fell into the river. The latest endeavor is a bit more sturdy.

Over the Rails in the Other Kansas City
By Brenda P. Foree, P.E.
Kansas City—Kansas—finds a new way to span a vast rail yard and link the north and south sides of town.

Back to the Basics
By Jim Warren
Bad economy or not, the lack of skilled labor is still an issue.

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
By Pat Thomashefsky
Getting S.M.A.R.T. can set you on the path to quality success.

Migrating South
By Gene Martin
AISC’s Southeast regional engineer discovers the challenges and opportunities of the lower-right quadrant of the U.S.

Professional is as Professional Does
By Doug Caplan
Size doesn’t matter when it comes to professionalism.

High Energy
By Barry Charnish, P. Eng., and Jonathan Hendricks, P. Eng.
Canada’s largest energy company will soon occupy the tallest building in the western half of the country.

How to get Rich being a Detailer
By Hugh Dobbie, Sr.
There’s no magic formula but there are several considerations that can put you on the path to your first million.

Design of Vertical Bracing Connections for High-Seismic Drift
By William A. Thornton and Larry S. Muir
Don't ignore the issue of frame distortion in high-seismic applications.