Erecting Crystals
By Patrick M. Hassett, S. E.
How engineering the dynamics of erection led to structural stability.

Structural Design for Fire Conditions
By Matthew Johann, P.E., Darlene Rini, P.E., and Barbara Lane, Ph.D., C.Eng.
Practical applications of AISC 2010 Specification Appendix 4.

Solving the Steel Procurement Puzzle
By Max Powell
Service centers offer significant help with the logistics of steel acquisition.

Welding Heavy Structural Steel - Successfully
By Duane K. Miller, P.E., Sc. D.
Attending to four key elements in the design and planning can head off potential problems.   Click here to view the full paper (PDF).

Choosing Constructability
By Jay Ruby, P.E. and David Ruby, S. E., P.E.
Being successful in today's highly competitive construction industry increasingly requires this collaborative and effective approach.

Detailing the Cyber Innovation Center
By Hal Cartee, P. E. and Rudy Berry, P.E.
Combining high security requirements with a high-tech look required communicating all the details.

Bracing for a Solid Education
By Steve Anderson, P.E., S.E.
How buckling-restrained braced frames became an integral part of one new school.

Short, Wide and Heavy-Duty
By Dennis Martinez, P.E. and James Rosales, P.E.
Weathering steel fits unique need for two new airport taxiway bridges.

The Inside Story
By Alison Trost
If you are planning a Disney World excursion, before or after attending NASCC, read this to better appreciate Spaceship Earth's extraordinary steel frame.   Click here to view the full paper (PDF).  

AISC Design Guides
By Leigh Arber
A concise rundown of what's covered in each of these 23 reference publications.

Accountability and AISC Certification
By Kimberly A. Swiss
Ensuring that facilities are properly using the quality plans they have in place is key to making the system work.

Documentation Revisited
By Ralph E. James, Ph.D.
Systematically attending to these details in a timely fashion is in everyone's best interest.

Innovation in Steel Erection
By Alan T. (Ted) Sheppard, P.E.
Coming up with a different way of doing things can boost efficiency and esprit de corps.