2010 IDEAS2 Awards
AISC's annual Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel (IDEAS2 ) program recognizes all team members responsible for excellence and innovation in projects using structural steel.

Avoiding Mixed Messages in Specifying Joist Design Loads
By Joseph J. Pote, P.E.
As load combinations have grown more complex, so have joist manufacturers' needs for load data.   For a longer version of this article which includes additional material that explains how to present loading information for several of the most common types of loading, click here.

Building on a Winning Combination
By Len Tsupros and Robert Anderson, P.E.
Design-build collaboration saves tons of steel and cash.

Workable Flange Gages
By Victor Shneur, P.E.
The workable gages from Table 1-1 provide a good guide, but others can be used as needed.

Reclaimed Structural Steel and LEED Credit MR 3-Materials Reuse
By Erika Winters-Downey, S.E., LEED AP
Reclaiming and reusing steel products provides a strong environmental option not available with many other construction materials.

What is a Quality Management System?
By Todd Alwood, LEED AP
Once identified, the QMS has to be both evaluated and adhered to for it to be effective.

On, and Below, the Surface
By Geoff Weisenberger
Sustainability will be front and center at this year's NASCC and Structures Congress, but keep an eye out for subtle references as well.

Living Through Change
By Tom Klemens
There's a new way to leverage your connection to MSC.