Steel on the Slopes
By Michael Jewsbury, S.E., P.E., and Adam Evarts
Roof framing system optimizes space with strength and speed.

Ecologically Sound
By Joshua A. Snyder, P.E.
Planned and constructed for sustainability, new music facilities earn LEED certification as well as acclaim.

Economy Parking
By Alan H. Simon, P.E.
Bridging underground utilities and reducing future maintenance needs are just two of the benefits steel provided.

One Challenge, Several Answers
By Greg Diana, P.E.
The Irving Convention Center's bold architectural style is supported by creative structural engineering.

Making Platinum Out of Steel
By Nina Kristeva, P.E.
Achieving a top LEED rating was only one of the goals in this project to reclaim a desolate industrial site.

A Timed-Release Design
By Craig Weisensel, P.E., LEED AP
Constantly updating vendor-supplied loading information allows engineers to stay just ahead of fabrication and construction.

Field Reports on SteelDay 2010
AISC staff members share tales and photos from a variety of events across the nation.

Thinking Through Corrective Actions
By Duke Okes
Determining why corrective action is needed can keep your quality management system on track.

The Performance Basis for ASCE 7-10
By Ronald O. Hamburger, S.E.
New provisions set the guidelines for using a performance-based design procedure.

Ready for Prime Time?
By Geoff Weisenberger, LEED GA
A first-hand look at the code-making process and how green codes like the IGCC could affect how we make, fabricate and design with structural steel.

Best Practices for Effective Meetings
By Anne Scarlett
Tops on how to make the most of meetings - as a facilitator and as an attendee.

Temporary Support
By Alan T. Sheppard, P.E.
By designing your own temporary steelwork you get what you need and can reuse it many times.