Structural Steel “Flat Plate” Construction
By Janis Vacca, P.E., and Clifford Schwinger, P.E.
Using a system of custom-fabricated steel beams to support hollow-core plank enables quick and economical construction of low floor-to-floor height structures.

A New Brace Option for Ductile Braced Frames
By Michael Gray, Constantin Christopoulos, Ph.D., P.ENG., Jeffrey Packer, Ph.D., P.ENG., and Carlos de Oliveira, P.ENG.
Easily replaceable after a seismic event, this brace is equally well suited to new construction and retrofits.

Seismic Retrofit of the Antioch Toll Bridge
By Yong-Pil Kim, P.E.
Adding steel cross braces to stiffen tall concrete piers made isolation bearings an effective seismic solution.

Move That Bridge!
By Murray M. Johnson, P.ENG.
How sliding one small bridge into place overnight set the stage for replacing a four-span truss over the Ohio River.

Steel Support for a Slim Floor System
By Mark Johanson
Box-shaped beams offer thin floors, flat ceilings, long spans and quick erection.

Introducing the AISC Shapes Database V14.0
By Jie Zuo
This is the first installment of a three-part series on the new companion materials—all available free online—that have been prepared to complement the 14th Edition Steel Construction Manual.

Are You Properly Specifying Materials?
By Martin Anderson and Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E., Ph.D.
Keeping tabs on ASTM specifications will help you make the right steel shape choices when designing and building your projects.

The Evolution of Fabrication
By Lyle Menke
Steel fabrication facilities in the U.S. have undergone remarkable changes and today benefit greatly from technology’s increased role.

The Economics of Innovation
By John Cross, P.E., LEED AP
Consider an active approach to driving down construction costs, rather than passively waiting for demand to increase.

Bringing Sanity to the Workplace
By Barry Nathan, Ph.D.
Applying a bit of psychology can help address the root cause of unsafe behavior.

The Engineer as Writer
Veteran engineer and educator Michel Bruneau has incorporated his understanding of earthquakes and structural engineering into an award-winning novel.