Gearing Up for Green Growth
By David E. Schroeder, P.E., LEED AP
NREL's new research facility hopes to be as green and expandable as the renewable energy strategies that will be studied there.

Global Presence
By Don Howard
The Daily Planet, a massive steel-framed globe, provides North Carolina's capital city with a new, worldly icon.

Penthouse View
By Dominick R. Pilla, S.E., and Xiaoli Tong, P.E.
A new modular structure provides an option for unused rooftop space.

Steel the Day
By Ross Allbritton
AISC has high hopes for its fourth annual SteelDay, taking place... just about everywhere.

Rapid Recovery
By Theodore P. Zoli, P.E.
An emergency replacement of the Lake Champlain Bridge helps restore a region's mobility.

Get Your Kicks Under Route 66
By W. Mike Morrison, P.E.
A new Route 66 bridge provides safe passage over Oklahoma's Turner Turnpike.

Remove, Replace, Resume
A Louisiana highway overpass takes a hit from a semi but only requires partial replacement.

Raised Rehab
By Jim Talbot
A rehabilitated lift bridge completes 100 years of Erie Canal service—and is poised for another 100.

Taking Temperatures
By Dean Phillips
Understanding a filler metal's lowest anticipated service temperature for demand-critical welds.

Looking Forward to 2013
By John Cross, P.E.
A preview of what is likely in store for the construction market next year.

Learning to Fly
Flying planes and fly fishing are two of the many things that keep Bo Bovard busy.