On the Fast Track
By Joseph Dowd, Dirk Kestner, David Platten and Mark Waggoner
Steel races to the finish in a racetrack project deep in the heart of Texas.

Take Two
By Geoff Weisenberger
The University of California, Berkeley wins its second National Student Steel Bridge Competition in a row.

What's Cool in Steel

2013 MSC Hot Products

Says Who?
By Larry S. Muir, P.E.
A closer look at design guidance from AISC.

Calm, Cool and Connected
By Brad Fletcher, S.E.
Cracking the challenges of designing HSS connections.

Respecting Boundaries
By Anne Scarlett
In the sea of networking, sailing haphazardly into uncharted waters is ill-advised.

Head in the Clouds
A Milwaukee engineer learns the ins and outs of flying planes, as well as building one.