Rapid Response
By Jason D. Perry, S.E., P.E.
BIM and BRBs bring big benefits to a hospital project in southeast Missouri.

Cardio Construction
By Andrew Hermiz and Lawrence F. Kruth, P.E.
BIM is at the heart of the design process for an upcoming hospital in Detroit.

Changing of the Guard
By Nils D. Olsson, P.E.
A Tampa-area bridge undergoes a rehabilitation involving the replacement of thousands of rivets with high-strength bolts.

The Long and Short of It
By Mark J. Pavlick, P.E., Michael Dillon, P.E. and Tyson Hicks
A short-span bridge in suburban Pittsburgh comes together over a long weekend.

Go with the Flow
By Paul Chung, P.E., and Jason Fang, P.E., Ph.D.
In car-centric Southern California, a highway overcrossing replacement project allows traffic to flow uninterrupted.

Big Roll
By Diane Campione, S.E., P.E.
Placing the preeminent piece of a transit project puzzle.

Still Swinging
By Jim Talbot
Connecticut crossing to celebrate century of service this summer.

Holding Court
By Stephen H. Lucy, P.E., and Mark D. Lemay, AIA
Multiple Texas county courthouses look to steel to bring them into the future while preserving their past.

Miscellaneous Metals—The Devil is in the Details, Part II: Vuca Prevails
By Ted Hazledine
Misinterpreting miscellaneous metal methods makes for a problematic project. But enhanced expectations, communication and coordination can create construction clarity.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation
By Anne Scarlett, LEED AP
Studying up on your prospects’ preferences, terminology and context will strengthen your connection—and your ultimate impact.

An Unexpected Journey
When one adventure is thwarted, another often takes its place.