Tight Tower
By Edward J. Zinski, P.E.
A preeminent medical research facility makes the most of limited space with an attractive addition.

Fluid and Flexible
By Christopher E. Carey, Sr.
The ability to roll with the punches helped one
fabricator keep this multi-building project moving onward and upward.

More or Less
By Jeff Martin, P.E., Tim Holtermann, S.E., P.E.,
and Bruce Brothersen, P.E.

How to determine the best connections for steel joists and metal deck.

Up-Tempo Bridge Construction
By Mary Lou Ralls, P.E.
Accelerated bridge construction practices and benefits are being recognized and implemented by DOTs—and not a moment too soon, as the stakes are becoming higher than ever.

Steeling New Zealand
By Alistair Fussell
After two devastating earthquakes in the Canterbury region of New Zealand, local authorities and engineers began to rethink structural design for high-seismic zones, initiating a mass migration toward steel.

Hitting the Slopes
By Michael Gray, P.Eng., Ph.D., J. Eric Karsh, P.Eng., and Ilana Danzig, P.Eng.
Seismic considerations led to the selection of an innovative bracing solution for an art museum at one of the world’s best-known ski areas.

Ruin to Rehab
By Nabeel A. Ibraheem
A steel-framed office building in Baghdad is successfully rehabilitated after a series of missile strikes.

Bear It and Grin
By Larry Muir, P.E.
Getting a bearing on bearing can help you design more efficient connections for a variety of steel assemblies.

The Art of Imitation 
By Walt Grassl
Five ways to enhance your creativity at work by mimicking the successful behaviors of others.