Signature Spire
By Mohammad Aliaari, S.E., Ph.D., and Vittorio Agnesi O’Rourke, S.E.P.
An intricate triple-truss mast travels across the country to become the final piece of a northern California hospital.

Ramping Up
By Andy Kizzee, P.E., Lee Schulz, P.E., and Daniel Sours, S.E., P.E.
Pedestrians in Memphis now have an attractive and innovative way to wind up at the Mississippi riverfront.

Back to the River
By Brad A. Stork, P.E.
A contemporary pavilion in Des Moines is part of a greater plan to reunite residents with the riverfront.   

Welding Wisdom: Part Two
By Duane K. Miller, P.E.
Following the right principles can lead to better welded connections and better projects.

Six into One
By Chad Larson and Thomas J. Schlafly
The consolidation of multiple ASTM structural bolt standards will help simplify bolt specification.

Getting a Grip
By Charles-Darwin Annan, P.Eng., Ph.D., Mario Afard, Ing., Ph.D., Maxime Ampleman, Ing., and Éric Lévesque, Ing.
An emerging coating option for bridge components—metallizing—shows promise thanks to slip-resistance testing based on parameters set in U.S. and Canadian steel standards.

Choosing the Moment
By Ryan Curtis, P.E., and Keith Grubb, S.E., P.E.
Make your non-seismic moment connections better with these helpful tips.

Creating a Productivity Culture 
By Eric P. Bloom
Boosting productivity in the workplace is a matter of doing more with what you’ve got.