Stacking Up
By Eric M. Hines, PE, PhD, and J. Frano Violich
A Harvard library expands upward and reinforces its structural system for wind and seismic loads.

Creating Home
By Eric Hendrickson, PE, and Matt Mettemeyer, PE
The Oaknoll Spring Street expansion provides a growing Iowa City senior community with an alternative to traditional nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.

Legal Lessons
By Jeff Thompson, PE, and Erika Yaroni
Arizona State’s new law school in downtown Phoenix continues the legacy of the Supreme Court justice who cut her legal teeth there.

Justice for All
By Joseph Yamin, PE
Staten Island’s new courthouse consolidates multiple courts into an attractive facility highlighted by an AESS curtain wall.

Second Time Around
By Ryan Curtis, PE
Nebraska Medicine looked to its past to find the right structural solution for its new parking garage.

Two Halves are Better than None
By Yuan Zhao, PE, PhD, Karl Frank, PE, PhD, and John Holt, PE
Highly skewed bridges have a new solution involving halved round HSS for improving fatigue performance, allowing better fit-up and facilitating easier installation of diaphragms and cross frames.

An Unexpected Journey
By Victoria Cservenyak
A dozen volunteers travel to an isolated community in Central America to construct a suspension bridge that will help kids cross a flooded river.

Keeping Fillet Welding in Check
By Carlo Lini, PE
A couple of common questions (and answers) on checking fillet weld designs.

A Quick Look at Prying 
By Carlo Lini, PE
There’s no need to fear prying checks, and a new paper can help guide you through the process.

Improve Your Writing, Improve Your Business 
By Anne Scarlett
Good writing opens doors.