Making the Point
Charles Bowman, PE
The highlights of High Point University’s newest academic building are comprised of empty spaces, and steel makes them happen.

Waste Not
By Ignasius Seilie, SE, PE, and Lindsey Burns
Tri-chord HSS trusses made from ASTM 1085 steel optimize a rebuilt transfer station on a tight waterfront site in Seattle.

Head Above Water
By Nate Sosin, SE, PE
An epic flood ended the long and celebrated run of a prominent university concert hall. But thanks to an elegant, innovative steel framing system and flood-resistant design measures, its replacement is poised to be a smash hit.

Orthotropic Deck Delivers
By Mark Torrie, MEng, PEng, and Éric Lévesque, MSc, PEng
Orthotropic steel deck is a viable option for rehabbing movable bridges working on tight schedules.

But It Worked in the Model!
By David Ruby, SE, PE
Models are great tools for designing structures, but they aren’t infallible. They require the application of sound judgment and experience to reach their full potential.

What Makes a Special Moment Frame Special?
By Behzad Rafezy, PhD
A look at the critical aspects of special moment frame systems and their connections that ensure ductile behavior and dissipation of energy.

Speaking the Same Language 
By Lawrence F. Kruth, PE
AISC’s latest Code of Standard Practice includes new terminology that accommodates the construction industry’s ongoing transition from drawing-based to model-based workflows.

Getting Filled in on Composite Columns
By Mark D. Denavit, PE, PhD, and William P. Jacobs, V, SE, PE
A look at changes to composite column design in the 2016 AISC Specification.

Leaders: Know Thyself—and Your Employees
By Magi Graziano
Modern leadership still involves plenty of talking, but there’s an increasing emphasis on listening—not only to others but also to oneself.