What’s Cool in Steel
Once again, it’s time for our annual compendium of fun projects showcasing steel. This year’s Cool List takes us deep into history, deep into a volcano and deep into the woods.

Hot Products
Hot Products are here! A look at innovative, productivity-enhancing offerings from the exhibit hall at the 2017 NASCC: The Steel Conference.

On to Oregon!
By Geoff Weisenberger
Oregon State University welcomed 43 bridge teams to the unusually sunny Pacific Northwest as the host of this year’s National Student Steel Bridge Competition.

Sheer Improvement to Shear Design 
By Brad Davis, SE, PhD
A look at member shear strength in the 2016 AISC Specification.

Best Practices for Preparing Fee Proposals­­
By Anne Scarlett 
Finally, you receive a long-anticipated RFP! Don’t let all your prep work go to waste by submitting a lackluster fee proposal.